Consider the Lilies..: Finished!   

Feb 27, 2016


It seems like all I want to do lately is listen to audiobooks and crochet so I haven't been very productive..  Clay is totally enabling me by volunteering to do all the laundry :)
I finished Elaine's blanket..
This is the bed in the guest room..  It's queen size..  The blanket totally clashes with the bright yellow in the room so it only stayed there long enough to take the picture, then Clay took it to Elaine.

I'm learning new stitches by making washcloths so Elaine will have more washcloths soon..  This is the moss stitch, but you can't see it very well because the yarn is variegated..  Sky wants me to make her a blanket for the futon in her room (she has a small living room in her bedroom) so I'm looking for a new stitch that I can do that doesn't require me to pay close attention to while I'm making it.. Elaine's blanket was so easy I barely had to look while I was working on it..
This moss stitch is definitely not what I'm looking for..  Every other stitch is a slip stitch, which isn't difficult but it makes the yarn sort of tight so it makes working it a pain in the you-know-what.

I started on a blanket for Clay too..  It's a never ending granny square..  Super easy, it just took me forever to learn how to do it..  Elaine's blanket was so bright and colorful that I was totally ready for gray yarn!  It's variegated so there is black mixed in too..  When it's finished I'm going to make a solid gray, single stitch blanket the same size and sew them together so it will be heavier..  He said he will take it to Russia with him next year where it's always cold..

All that crochet stuff was probably super boring..  Sorry..

Sky has an appointment to have her knee scoped next month..  She went to her doctor a couple months ago because her knee had started to hurt and it had become bad enough to complain about it..  She's like her father in that respect..  She doesn't complain about pain until it becomes unbearable..  Her appendix for example; the only way I knew that it was serious was because I saw that one tear in the corner of her eye..  If it hurt bad enough for her to actually shed a tear, then I knew it was bad..  It burst an hour later :)
Anyway, her doctor sent her for an MRI that showed nothing, so the doctor told her to take some Tylenol for pain and that it would probably get better..
So she toughed it out for a while and then told me that it had become so painful that she couldn't sleep..  We sent her to our doctor this time..  He was pretty annoyed that her doctor didn't do any more than she did..  He said it's probably a torn meniscus and that it don't usually show up on an MRI..  So he gave her a prescription for some good pain pills and set up an appointment to have it scoped (she is not happy about that) and then we will see if she will need surgery..

Clay went in for his yearly physical 2 weeks ago..  Last week they called and told him that he is pre-diabetic..  They gave him a medication and told him to take it for 3 months and then have his blood tested again..  Dang it..  
But I'm so proud of him!  The very next day he completely changed his diet and began walking 3 miles a day..  How's that for motivation?
So his motivation motivated me..  No I don't walk three miles a day like he does, but I got back on the  healthy eating wagon and started up my exercise routine again..  Lost 4 pounds so far :)  I'm sure Clay has lost more! 


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