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Feb 11, 2016

Favorite things..

I got a new laptop so I don't have an excuse not to blog..   Since I don't have an interesting topic, I'm gonna post about my favorite things..  Well, my favorite things at this moment..

Starting with my laptop!
 I didn't take a picture of the whole thing, but it's a Macbook Air..  I got this cute keyboard cover from Amazon..  The only problem with the cover is that it's made me forget where all the keys are so it takes me longer to type..  I'm not sure why, it's not like the keys have moved and I barely look at the keys when I type, but I find myself making a lot of typos and I'm typing slower..
Weird huh?
I was in the process of typing up a new bible reading plan when I took the picture..  I didn't like the one I was doing, didn't want to do one I had already done so I made up my own..  It took me two days to finish, probably wouldn't have taken so long if I didn't insist on having this keyboard cover ;)

Himalayan Salt lamps..   
I got two this month..
  A friend of mine from high school posted something on Facebook about how she has one in every room of her home and that they have helped her with her allergies..  She used to have sneezing fits all the time and now she doesn't..  So I did a google search for info about them..  The people who have them swear by them..  They supposedly emit negative ions into the air and helps with sneezing and sinus problems dues to allergies, and with stress..  But according to doctors, there is no truth to that at all..  I figured that I would give it a shot and got one at Wal*mart..  If it didn't work, it's still pretty so it's still a win..
I'm congested a lot..  Like all the time..  The doctor says its most likely pet dander and dust because I'm only congested when I'm in my house, so I don't have an allergy to pollen..  I dust and vacuum every day but when you have 2 dogs and a cat, there is going to be dust regardless..  And since Crohn's and Epilepsy are both worsened by stress, I'm down for anything that helps in that department..
So I set it on the table next to me while I crocheted and in a couple of hours I noticed a difference..  I was breathing easier..  It works!
I know, it's weird..  Doctors say they don't work, just like they say that putting Vicks vapor rub on your feet before bed doesn't help with a cough; but people who have tried it swear that it works..
Maybe it's a mental thing..  Who knows?
Anyway, I ordered a second one from Amazon for my desk.

What woman doesn't like shoes?  I love shoes, but I really love these shoes..   I got them at Wal*Mart for $14.00..  They aren't very pretty and I only wear them inside the house but seriously, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn..  I like them so much that Clay went and bought me a second pair so I won't be bummed when these wear out :)

 S. W. Basics Lip Balm..
I got a sample of the cocoa lip balm in the mail and liked it right away..  I googled it (like I do everything) and saw that it's sold at Target in a four-pack for $15.00..  It's a little pricey for lip balm, but it's worth it..  Sky likes it too and since I already had a cocoa one and I don't like cinnamon flavored anything (bad experience with cinnamon schnapps) I gave those two to her..  I don't have to reapply as much as I would Chapstick so it lasts longer too..

This stuff..
This is my favorite scent from Bath & Body Works..  Eucalyptus Spearmint.  Oh my gosh I love this stuff!  I have this lotion on the table next to my spot on the couch, the hand sanitizer on my desk, hand cream in my purse along with a travel-size hand sanitizer, linen spray in the bedroom, hand soap in the  kitchen, and body wash, shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom..
I wish they made laundry detergent and fabric softener too..  That would be awesome!

 I love pens..  For reals, I think it might be an obsession..  I can't go to a store without going to the aisle  with the office supplies and looking at the pens..  I keep a flowerpot full of them next to my spot on the couch and another jar full on my desk..  I love all kinds of pens, but I especially like colored gel pens..  I  never feel like I have enough pens..  
Hypergraphia; it goes with the territory!

 Speaking of hypergraphia..  My journals..
 Elaine (sister) makes them..  I adore these journals!  She is super creative; always painting or doodling..  When she has accumulated enough scrap paper left over from her artwork, she binds it all up in a journal for me..  Each page is different, there are pockets stuffed with colored paper, and book marks..   She even goes back and doodles all over the pages after she binds it..  I think they're beautiful and I can't wait to fill one so I can start on another..
Fortunately right when I have one almost filled, she texts to tell me she's working on another one..  Score!


  1. Look at you. You crazy blogging lady! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. That is my favorite bath & body works scent too! I also have pen envy. All of my pens disappear. Kelsey has one of those salt thingies. I'll have to ask her if she has noticed any difference.

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  4. Cute laptop!!! I love my mac, and it hasn't given me any problems at all... I also think the pen obsession is genetic, I'm the same way. I categorize my schedule and todo lists in different colors, good pens make to do lists waaaay more fun!

    1. I'm still geeking out over how long the battery lasts!


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