Consider the Lilies..: April 2015   

Apr 30, 2015

This last weekend over 5000 people in Nepal were killed in an earthquake.

Why didn't anyone notice?

Because Bruce Jenner put on a dress and had dinner with Diane Sawyer..

Apparently that's what we care about..

Apr 29, 2015

Lawnmowers and laser printers..

Stuff usually breaks when Clay is away..  
The pipe was clogged and I had to learn how to cut through a pipe and run a snake through it.
The Jeep is doing the scary Jeep wobble thing again.
The lawn mower stopped working.
And my printer wouldn't connect..

OK, 2 of those things were my fault..  The pipe was clogged because I put broccoli down the disposal, and the lawnmower stopped working because I didn't know about old gas..
I also didn't know that when you put anything down the disposal you should keep the water running for a full minute after turning off the disposal..
Apparently that's not a big secret; everyone I have mentioned it to knew that..
No one told me about old gas in a lawnmower though..  I even told Clay over the phone that I was going to mow the lawn and he didn't tell me that I needed to get new gas, so I just used the gas in the can that had been sitting there since last summer..  

I mowed the lawn twice, then yesterday when I went out to mow, it started up just fine and then died..
Z came over and took the carburetor apart and cleaned it out because there were some "bits" in it (whatever that means) and then added new gas and voila! It worked!  
His son even mowed the front yard..  Bonus!

My printer stopped working yesterday, which kind of sucked because I need it for school..  It kept saying it wasn't connected, but the wireless was working fine so I have no idea what it meant by not connected..  
So I googled "my printer is not connected" and got a list of troubleshooting steps to go through..  I did them all and still nothing, then I downloaded the HP Doctor that told me that the software for my printer was not installed on my laptop..  
Not sure how that happened considering I have been using the printer from my laptop for 2 months now..  Weird..
So I installed the software again and now the printer works.

I know, it doesn't sound like a big deal, but I when Clay is home, I don't do anything..  Well, I do stuff but I don't lift, carry, or fix anything..  I don't mow the lawn, pump my own gas, carry groceries, take out the trash, or even open my own door..  Clay does all of that stuff..  So when something breaks when he is away, and I manage to fix it, even when it's something minor like making a printer work, I feel pretty accomplished..
I would not have been able to fix the lawnmower though..  I can't even think how I would empty the gas tank except to tip the mower upside down and let it pour out onto the driveway.  I'm pretty sure that would be frowned upon by our neighbors..
The only downside to having a fixed mower?  Now I have to go out and mow the lawn..
I was going to have Sky do it but she works a full 8 hours and then goes to school so I should probably give the girl a break and do it myself..

I have a busy day of school today;  Three outlines to do: the attributes of God, a discernment lecture and a hamartiology lecture..  I think I might have a pneumatology assignment too?  I dunno..  I'm not feeling too organized today..  Probably because I haven't made my bed yet..
Funny isn't it?  Once the bed is made, the rest of the day makes more sense..
But first..  The lawn..
No, first the bed, then the lawn..

Have a happy Wednesday!

Apr 26, 2015


It's been raining off and on for the last week, so I haven't left the house..  Not that I have a problem with rain, but I asked Clay to leave the top down on the Jeep before he left..  I have an idea of how to put it back up but it's a pain, I always get dirty while I'm working on it, and truthfully, I don't mind staying home..  I had to go have blood work done and it was a little misty but thankfully it didn't rain on me..

Usually I go in once a month for blood work, but my doctor called and said that it looks like my liver is trying to turn toxic again so I have to go back in on May 1st for more tests..  I have been having some pain lately, so I'm hoping that's the cause and not that I am gearing up for anther flare-up..
Not that I want a toxic liver, but a flare-up puts me in the hospital..
I gotta tell ya, I am so thankful for good insurance!  We are one of the few families I know who was able to keep Blue Cross/Blue Shield and I am grateful for it!

I permanently deleted my Facebook account on Friday..  It had been a little over a year, and I said I would try it for a year and see..  I was allowing it to take up a lot of time that could be spent on other more meaningful things so I wrote to the Facebook people and asked them to permanently delete my page.
I wanted to double up on schoolwork so I could finish quicker but I have only been keeping up rather than getting ahead..  When all of my work is done on my laptop, it's easy to switch over and see what's happening on Facebook..  
So far I don't really miss it..  I was part of a Facebook group where there was a lot of Bible discussion that I really enjoyed and I will miss that part of it..
To be able to sit with a group of people and have an actual discussion about the Bible that doesn't include the words "I just really feel" would be awesome..  Wishful thinking, but awesome!

Clay said he would be home on the 7th of May..  He seems pretty sure about that date, but until he sends me a text saying "I'm on the plane" I won't hold my breath..  If he does leave when he says he will, he'll only be gone 7 weeks..  He figured 8, I was thinking 13..  
I talked to him for a couple minutes last night before I went to bed; he will be going out to a rig today so I don't expect to hear from him for a couple days..
I'm so glad he's happy though, he loves his job (always has) but he's liking this position better than his last..  I don't worry about him as much as I did when he was in Libya..  Oh he didn't worry, he never does and I tried my hardest not to but it sucked..  I would have preferred he chose Australia, but if you're only supportive when it makes you happy, you're not much of a wife are ya?
Every thing he does, he does for Sky and me, so if doing it in a different country makes him happy, who am I to complain?

Sky had the day off yesterday (she usually works Saturday) so we had a lazy day..  It was my Sabbath anyway, but even on a Sabbath I usually get dressed..  We stayed in our P.J.'s all day and binge-watched season one of 'The Good Wife' on Amazon Prime.

Speaking of P.J.'s, church is in a couple of hours and I am still in mine, so I need to get myself moving..  There was other stuff I wanted to blog about, but I'm outta time..
More later!

Apr 17, 2015

My girl..

I've plastered this on Facebook and on Instagram already, so for everyone else who I haven't bragged to yet..  
Sky won first place in the welding competition for Skills USA!!

Best mig welder in Nebraska!
She came home exhausted and hurting (she welded with a bruised tendon) but happy. 

 She went to her first day of welding class in her sophomore year and decided that day that she was going to be a welder.. 
 She has beat out all the welding students in the state for the past 2 years and is the first welding student in Nebraska to be hired on as a professional welder while still in school..
She had a plan, she stuck to it and has given it everything she has..
I can't even begin to tell you how proud we are of her..

Apr 14, 2015


Have a great day!

Apr 12, 2015

80 Pages??

Remember that project for school that I blogged about?  The one that included interviewing a group of Christians by asking some basic questions, and then selecting a smaller group from that group and asking 30 more in depth questions?  The one I got really angry about so I decided to chose a different project?  Yeah, that one..
That would have been my big project, to be completed before I graduate..  It would have taken quite a while because there was more to it than just interviewing,  But like I said before, it made me so angry that I quit and deleted everything..
But let me just say that from that experience, I know that I absolutely do not ever, ever want to be a pastor!  Yes, I know that I'm a girl and it's not Biblical for me to do so, but if I could?  I wouldn't..
I would teach one on one in a setting outside of a church if I'm approached, but as far as any sort of pastoral ministry?  
No way.

Well, now I know what my final project will be..  
Because I didn't want to do the interview project (which I am pretty sure is partly designed to help students decide if public ministry is what they really want to do) I will be writing a thesis..
A thesis didn't sound too bad..  At least it didn't until I found out it that it needed to be a minimum of 80 pages.. 
Not counting the bibliography..
Oh boy..

There is some good new though..  A thesis usually needs to contain original information, but Christianity is based on the Bible, and there is nothing new about the Bible.. 
I guess I could make up my own denomination by pulling different ideas from the Bible and twisting them to mean something different than what they do; but that's been done before (Jehovah's Witness, Christian Science, Catholicism, 7th Day Adventist) so I decided against it..
But I can use personal experience!
We did talk about basing my thesis on a satanist becoming a Bible-thumping, borderline, reformed Christian (I'd have to clean up the title a bit, ha!).  It would naturally have to be written in less of a 'personal memoirs' sort of way, complete with Biblical reference and stuff like that, but I said no..

So I chose a different topic..  I might even have more than 80 pages before I'm finished..  Who knows?  It could even end up a book!
OK, probably not; I just put that in there for Ami who thinks I should write a book :)

So, I have my topic, and I have written the rough draft of the introduction..
But that means that there will not be a continuation of my last blog post (family, you don't have to read any more preachy posts!) because part of what I would have blogged about will be in my thesis and writing stuff twice is just stupid..

 Clay is doing well.  He calls almost every day and we can Facetime.  That makes him being gone so much easier!  He's still happy to be busy and productive..  He said he thinks he will be home around May 8th, but that's not definite..  I was sort of expecting him to be gone longer so I won't be incredibly disappointed if he has to stay later..  Not that I want him to, but lets just say that I'm not holding my breath for May 8th..

Sky is super busy..  Her job is supposed to be part time, but she stays late and goes in on Saturdays too, so she's getting almost 40 hours a week..  They pretty much let her work as much as she wants because they have huge orders and she's not only really good at what she does, but she's fast too..  She wants to learn all the different departments so she can weld at any station, and on Saturdays she gets to work the robot (whatever that is)..  Plus she still has welding school so she starts work at 6:00 in the morning and works as long as she can before she has to leave for school..
It's a physically demanding job, she's lifting pieces of metal that weight around 65 pounds, up over her head multiple times a day so she's dragging by the time she gets home and hardly stays up past 9:00 at night..  
Saturday night is pretty much her only time to socialize, so she gets home pretty late..
She stayed at a friends last night because she was too tired to drive, and she conked out on the couch when she got home this morning.

Her alarm went off right after I snapped the picture..  She's got Skills USA training today so she's gotta go back to the college for a few hours..
I don't know how she does it..
She's a machine, like her dad..
No one can say she isn't motivated, that's for sure!

Apr 9, 2015

It's not about Theology..

Wanna know the downside to having a theology degree?  
Whenever you have a conversation about what is or is not in the Bible, your argument is invalid because your argument "comes from your mind and not your heart"..  If you make a statement about something that doesn't follow along with what everyone else believes, it's because they believe that your statement has come from something you have learned from reading a book and therefore does not come from a place of love.. 

That's pretty much what I have observed..  
Now, keep in mind, the majority of my experience comes from conversing with those who observe a more charismatic belief.

But then I joined a couple bible groups online, and also started to meet people of other denominations in Omaha personally..  No, I didn't meet people online and then agree to meet them in person, that would be weird, and probably really stupid..
I met them at churches I have visited since leaving the church, on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, etc..
After spreading out my Christian network (for lack of a better word) to Christians outside of the charismatic church I have discovered that they are not put off by any theological observation I have offered to the conversation, Why?  What's the difference?  Why can I have a discussion with these people and offer my opinion on what the Bible does and does not say, or what the Bible does or does not mean, and no one is bothered by it at all; but then I can say the very same thing to someone from a charismatic church and all of a sudden I'm not speaking in love and I'm just "spouting off my theology" which "isn't really what is important"?
Apparently, "what is important" isn't what you know, it's how you feel..
*insert internal groan here*

Do you know what is really funny to me?  Conversations that I have about the Bible, what I say about it; what is true or what is not, what is heresy and what is not, none of it comes from what I have learned in theology school..
Ok, maybe if we were talking about what systematic theology is and how it is used, and for what purpose; that would be me using what I have learned in theology school to participate in the conversation..  
But just a personal conversation about what is truth and what is not?  Or a conversation about what is in the character of God and what is not?  None of that comes from anything I have learned in theology class.
It has ALL come from reading the Bible..

Here we have a book called Jesus calling by Sarah Young.
This book is full of heresies..  
Now, the church I recently left is going through this book for the second time..  
The reason I know this book is full of lies and blasphemies against Jesus is not because I study theology..  It has nothing to do with anything I have learned while I was earning my first degree, or anything I have learned so far while attempting to earn a master's degree.
I know that this book is false because I read the Bible, and the Bible says to take everything and compare it with scripture. 
So that's what I did..  
Now I have to confess that while I was reading this book, I thought it was great!  I really liked it..  It made me feel good..  I even posted pictures of certain pages because I was so moved by what I read..
Don't think I'm not incredibly embarrassed about that now..  I am..
But then I went through the book again and compared the things in the book with the Bible..  

The things that I know about the Bible; most of it doesn't come from studying theology..  It comes from reading the Bible over and over.  It comes from praying for wisdom and knowledge, and understanding of the Bible before I read it (something I did not do when I read Jesus Calling)..  It comes from putting other things aside and making the Bible a priority.  It comes from not believing everything what someone else tells me about it, but actually taking the time to read it myself.

Now, why can say these things to any Christian outside of a charismatic church and none of them will be offended, or come back at me for being too theological?  

One word.

*to be continued*

My latest DIY

Since I made the Febreeze and it worked, I went on Pinterest looking for a DIY recipe for stain remover..  
Sky gets really dirty at work and her jeans don't come clean in the wash.  I've used SHOUT Stain Remover and I've tried Resolve (they make it for clothes now, not just carpets) but they don't get out all of the dirt, and stain remover is kind of expensive..  Plus it's cold and wet outside and I don't want to drive to the store with the top down on the Jeep.. So, I found a recipe that calls for everything I have at home..
I used the ingredients that the recipe called for; 
this stuff..

The instructions say to measure the ingredients into a spray bottle, shake, store in your laundry room, and use as needed..
So that's what I did..

The next day I picked up the spray bottle and it exploded..  
I don't mean that it leaked; I mean it exploded..
Like a bomb.

Total Pinterest FAIL.

Just buy stain remover..  It might cost more but it won't blow up.

Have a nice day.

Oh, by the way; I'm working on a blog post that going to be all Bible-ish, so you can skip it if you wanna..  Well, except for those of you who get my posts in your email..  I guess you can just delete it :)

Apr 2, 2015

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”

I will speak up when those I am conversing with talk about the Bible, Jesus, church, whatever..  I'm not afraid to say "that's not what the Bible says" or "that is taken out of context" or "this is what that verse really means"..  I'm not afraid to say that someone is a false teacher if the topic is just that..  But I have never just stood up without being invited into a conversation and said "listen up people!  I need to tell you the truth!"
I'm ashamed to say it now, but there have been many situations where I have heard false teaching and I said nothing; for fear of rejection, worries that no one would take me seriously, accuse me of being 'too religious'..  Even when I could absolutely back it up with Scripture, I said nothing..
I was reading an article by Justin Peters.  He had written a review on the movie 'The Son of God'..  OK everyone, now pick up your stone and prepare to throw it at me because I'm going to say some negative stuff about this movie.. 
*By the way, this is not a post about me reviewing a movie, so just bare with me alright?*
 We all know that movies adapted from a book are always changed either a little or a lot for effect..  I get that..  I'm totally cool with it..  But when that movie is about the Bible?  Maybe there should be a little more effort to keep it on topic..  I have heard pastors endorse this movie and I have heard pastors admit that there were a few tiny discrepancies but they were no big deal, and if we simply focus on the general theme of the movie we would come away from it with a more personal view of Jesus.  But come on; there was not one scene in this movie that did not have a biblical discrepancy.  Not one!  
Also, when the people who create a movie about Jesus along with the TV series 'The Bible', use theologian (their word, not mine) Joel Osteen as their 'biblical expert' that should be enough to convince anyone that there's problem..  Joel Osteen is the most heretical, blasphemous, false teacher in the world next to Benny Hinn.  
Well, maybe not; there is also Todd Bently and TD Jakes..  Crefflo Dollar?  OK, I could continue this list for an hour at least..  Lets move on..
*I'll be happy to prove the heresies of these poeple any time, bring your Bible.  Sure telling someone what they want to hear might make them feel good, but twisting Scripture to do it?  No.  Not ok.  The Bible calls that heresy.*
Ok, enough about my feelings about the movie..  You may throw your stones now..   Back to my point..  Justin Peters sat through the movie, took notes and then did this:
"When the movie came to its merciful end and the lights came on, I stood up and turned to face the crowd (I was sitting at the front and so everyone was behind me).  I said, “Ladies and gentlemen, may I please have your attention?”  Every head in the theater turned and people stared at me.  I went on to explain to them that they just saw a movie in which Jesus was grossly misrepresented and His teachings twisted beyond recognition.  I said, “Please do not think that you just saw the Jesus of the Bible in this movie because you did not.  What you just saw was a different Jesus with a different gospel.”  I went on to present the true Gospel to them.  I talked about sin, the wrath of God and the absolute necessity for genuine repentance.  I said that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.  I ended by saying, “Please do not think you will find the true Jesus in this movie or any other movie.  If you want to know the true Jesus, please, please go home and read your Bibles.  There and only there will you find Him.”

I guess I spoke for 3-4 minutes or so.  I noticed that as I spoke the vast majority of people looked like deer in headlights just watching me in stunned silence.  A few, though, were nodding their heads in agreement.  For just a few it seemed that what I was saying was resonating with their hearts and minds.

I relate this to you not to lift myself up as some courageous Christian.  Not at all.  I only did what I was supposed to do.  My conscience was so violated by this film that for me to do anything less would have been sin.  I did it because it was right thing to do.  James 4:17 states, “Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.”  

That is what struck me..  This man stood up on his crutches (he has cerebral palsy) faced a crowd of strangers and told them the truth!  He was compelled to do so..   The truth of the Bible resonates within him so deeply that he simply could not walk out of that theater without telling everyone the real truth..  He obviously didn't care if someone felt like throwing their popcorn at him, or if security removed him from the building..  He spoke up..

That is what I pray for..  The courage to do that..  I'll be honest with you..  I have an excuse for why I don't do that..  I tell myself it's because I want to be absolutely sure about my theology before I speak up..  That I don't want to give the wrong information, or say the wrong thing, or put God in a bad light (never-mind that the Bible says that the Holy Spirit will give the words)..
I have even tried to say that I don't do it because I do not have the gifting that a pastor or an evangelist does.  That my strength is the ability to learn Scripture and to share it when someone asks me..
Excuses!  That's all they are..  Excuses..  
No where in the Bible does it say "you must hold the title of pastor and have a skill for public speaking, to tell the truth of the Gospel"..  
No, it says "Go and make disciples"..
He was talking to everyone..  Including me.

 I know the Bible well enough to know what is true and what isn't..  I know the Bible well enough to know that knowing that Jesus loves us simply is not enough..  
Someone once said to me "I know that I know that Jesus loves me and that's all I need to know."
Well guess what?  It's not enough. 
That's not my opinion, that's the Bible..
Justin Peters also said:  "If you truly want to show people love, tell them the truth.  If you want to show someone hatred, see that they are in error, know the truth but say nothing about it."

One day I will stand before God and if He asks me why I didn't speak out when he had equipped me with everything I needed to do so, what am I going to say?  
"I'm really sorry God, but I didn't want people to stop liking me and I thought that they would talk about me when I wasn't around, and I didn't want them to tell me that I didn't show grace and that I was a know-it-all who wasn't loving"

In other words, "I, I, I, me, I, I, me, I, I."

Life is short, eternity is forever.  Jesus was persecuted for what He said, and He said we would be also..  
 “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.  Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you."  Matthew 5:11-12
So that's it..  

I can't be quiet.  
I can't be concerned with what others think.  
Because I know the truth.
And if I know the truth and say nothing;
How loving am I?

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”- Aristotle