Consider the Lilies..: It's Christmas.   

Dec 25, 2015

It's Christmas.

Since we did our Christmas thing last week, today is pretty uneventful so far. I woke up at 6:00 but went back to bed until 10:30 when Sky jumped on my bed. We got dressed and went to IHOP for breakfast. Not my favorite place to eat, but one of the few places open today.  

Now we're just sitting around the living room watching Sky play Halo. 
I'm making lasagna for dinner tonight. I only make it on Christmas because it's so expensive to make (it's not your every day lasagna). I'd sort of rather skip it today because it takes hours to make and I'm feeling nauseous and sleepy today but Sky would be super bummed. 

I can't think of anyone else. Sort of a boring blog today. 

Merry Christmas!

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