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Nov 5, 2015


So it's been a while since I've blogged..  Nothing to really blog about..  Clay is at work, he has to stay for 6 weeks instead of 5 this hitch..  Oh!  Speaking of Clay; we don't have to move to Luanda..  Yay!
He will be stationed in Luanda for another year for sure, but it looks like he will be transferred to Russia in 2017..  We don't know if it will be a live in position or not yet..  If it is, I'm OK with it..  At least more OK with it than living in Luanda..  
He will be transferred to Sakhalin Island, It's just north of Japan..  In fact it used to belong to Japan.. It never gets over 75 degrees in the summer and really cold the rest of the year..  Sounds perfect!

Sky spent the last 3 days in Springfield Missouri on a business trip for work..  She was pretty excited about it (if you are on her Facebook your feed was filled with pictures of everything)..  I'm super proud of her..  Only 19 and she is already the floor manager of the welding shop..  She isn't loving her college classes though..  They aren't welding classes where she gets to do what she loves but they are mandatory in order for her to get a more advanced degree..  She hates sitting at a desk doing what she considers to be "a total waste of time"..  She is taking a class on human relations..  It's mostly role-playing, going through scenarios to help prepare them for a future job management..  Sky figures that since she is already in management, it's pointless to learn how to prepare for it..  She also says that nothing the class teaches would work at all at the shop so it's just "stupid"..  
Fortunately she is driven and ambitious, so she'll stick with it if the degree will help her move up..

As for me, I'm not doing anything interesting..  Just cleaning, laundry, and homework..

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  1. Going to go look at a map now but that sounds far away. When do you have to move? Spring?


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