Consider the Lilies..: Thoughts..   

Nov 8, 2015


I really like the church we have chosen. 

Jackie Kennedy had odd bone structure. 

If my daughter is old enough to vote for who she wants for president, or go to war to defend her country if she chooses,  or to be the assistant manager over grown men at work, I need to accept the fact that she is old enough to choose who she wants to date (this sucks by the way). 

There are over 500 verses in the Bible that contain the word 'holy'. 
It's going to take me a long time to write them all out. 

If The Walking Dead doesn't show what happened to Glenn by the end of next week's episode, I'm going to blow a gasket!

I have seen the Lego Movie 52 times and it still hasn't gotten old. 

I study better when I'm listening to Opera.

I made a really yummy pot-roast today. The gravy was to die for!

I think tomorrow is going to be pajama day. 

I miss Clay already. 


  1. I saw a picture of Maria Schriver today and thought she had odd bone structure...and hasn't aged well. But...could have just been a bad camera angle.


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