Consider the Lilies..: Thoughts..   

Sep 28, 2015


1) I don't think I can ever have too many notebooks or journals. 

2) That goes for pens too. 

3) It's easy to ignore the treadmill if you just shut the door.  

4) I just got up and opened the door. 

5) I think early morning is the best time of the day. 

6) I wish autumn lasted a couple months longer than it does. 

7) I am super happy to learn that Tikka Masala doesn't have a lot of carbs. 
However it does have a lot of ingredients and requires a little work. 

8) Quitting the women's bible study was easier than I thought it would be. 

9) Some people just want to argue. That doesn't mean you have to oblige them. 

10) For my birthday this year I got 2 bunches of flowers, Japanese orchids, a holly tree, a stormtrooper, and 3 books. 

11) I'm pretty sure I lost zero pounds this week. I wouldn't be surprised if I even gained a pound. 

12) I learned something about a man's penis during a theology lesson yesterday.  Seriously..

13) Clay makes the best French toast I have ever had anywhere ever. For reals, it's amazing!  *thats why I've probably gained a pound this week.*

14) Although I am leaning more toward the Republican Party for the upcoming election (registered bipartisan) I am still blown away that so many people think that Donald Trump should be our next president. It's sort of embarrassing really. 

15) I'm all out of thoughts..


  1. I'm all caught up on your blog. My house rocks now that Clay fixed everything. Skeiler could easilly live on her own. She's 100 times more mature than Trevor ever was at her age. I think it's YOU that isn't ready to let Skie live on her own! You know I would check on her and take care of her every day that you're gone. So don't worry about that girl!

    Glad you landed on a church! I thought Donald Trump was a joke. I can't believe all of the morons ready to put that jackass in office!

  2. What is Clay's French toast recipe?


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