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Sep 11, 2015

Relocating.. Kinda..

Clay was offered a promotion and a live in position in Luanda Angola. Then they told him that if he wants to keep his job and job security, he had better say yes to both.  
So around April or May of this year, he will officially live in Africa.  We still have a lease here and Sky isn't ready to live on her own so I will travel back and forth.  
They will provide a furnished apartment, a car and a driver.  
Clay will be given 2 plane tickets a year to come home for a couple weeks at a time. They will pay for 4 round trip tickets a year for me because I have to see my doctor and have blood work done every three months. So I will be home for a couple months and then fly to Luanda and stay there for a couple months. 

That means I have about 7 months to learn Portuguese.   Yikes. 


  1. Oh my gosh! I want to scream, NOOOO don't go! But instead, all I keep thinking is WHAT AN AMAZING ADVENTURE!!! That's so awesome!


    1. The more I research Luanda, the less excited I am to go there. But if Clay has a live in position he will only be able to come home on vacations. I just can't imagine only seeing him for 2 weeks every six months. I think I'm more worried about layovers and going through customs in countries where I don't speak the language more than actually living in Africa. But who knows, maybe I can do some missionary work while I'm there :)


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