Consider the Lilies..: Finished!   

Aug 1, 2015


Well kinda..  There is still some outside work that needs to be done, but the house is finished..

We got a new bed for our room. I'm such a bed hog that when Clay is home he sleeps on the edge of the bed while I toss and turn all night and sprawl all over the bed.  So we got a kingsize. 
And with all of that extra room where did Clay sleep last night?  On the edge of the bed. 
Turns out, he prefers to sleep there. He says he's quite comfortable. Weirdo. 
Oh well, even more room for me I guess!

After we redid our room we tackled what we call 'the yellow room". 
It was a mess. We just kept the door shut and pretended it wasn't there. 
No way could Clay's parents stay in that room like that..
It took a while but we did it!
Now I love the room. It's so bright and cheerful, and Elaine's artwork looks great  on the yellow background.

Now we're tired. Fortunately we have a loveseat recliner to relax in ;)

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