Consider the Lilies..: Day 8 part 3 (finally!)   

Aug 31, 2015

Day 8 part 3 (finally!)

My third personal goal..


Since Clay and I got home from our vacation I have been seriously slacking off as far as school is concerned. I am so far behind, it's just ridiculous.  
I can't even say that it is because I have been too busy with other things. I haven't. I just haven't been motivated to do much of anything at all.
I keep the house clean and the laundry done and I do my daily Bible reading but as far as even my normal every day Bible study (separate from theology school) I'm  lacking in the motivation department.

I'm not really sure what the deal is, but I definitely need to get my groove back..

Obviously that is going to take some real effort considering it took me this long just to finish part three of day eight right?


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