Consider the Lilies..: Day 8, part 2.   

Aug 3, 2015

Day 8, part 2.

My second personal goal.. 

To be patient with others..

I have compassion, sometimes..  I feel compassion for underprivileged children (speaking of children, I have sponsored a child through Compassion for about 2 years now. Her name is Erlita and she lives in Peru.  It's not expensive at all, I have it taken out of our checking account every month and we honestly don't miss it.  It's a good cause and they really do a lot for the kids.  Check out the website and sponsor a kid!)
I feel compassion for people who are abused, treated unfairly, etc..

But I am impatient with lots of people..  There are behaviors in others that I find incredibly off-putting so I tend to react negatively toward anyone who displays them..
Instead of taking a moment to consider the fact that there is a reason why they behave the way they do; I become annoyed and then impatient, and then sort of mean..
Ok, maybe not mean anymore, but I am short with them and by my attitude it's obvious that I don't care to listen to them or be around them..

I'd like to change that..  Being rude to someone simply because they behave in way that annoys me is, well, bad behavior right?
I mean, I could always ask the person displaying the particular annoying behavior why they behave that way..  I could try to understand them rather than becoming abrasive..  Or I could simply ignore it; decide that there is a reason that I am not aware of and instead of passing judgement, just letting it go..

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