Consider the Lilies..: Tired but not sleeping.   

Jul 24, 2015

Tired but not sleeping.

I woke up at 2:00 yesterday morning and couldn't go back to sleep. We left the Twin Arrows Resort and Casino after breakfast (around 7:30). We skipped the Grand Canyon; I wanna go home. I miss Sky and my bed. :). Plus it was going to be really hot by the time we got there and we wouldn't enjoy ourselves. 
So instead of driving through Utah and Colorado to get home we decided to take the shorter way back through New Mexico and then up through Colorado. 

(Buffalo at the trading post where we stopped to buy souvenirs for Sky)

By about 11:00 in the morning I was struggling to keep my eyes open and by 1:00 the wind was so hot and blowing so hard that it burned my face. 
We called it quits and got a hotel room in Santa Fe around 3:00, took cold showers, covered our faces with aloe gel, ate something and went to bed at about 5:00. 
Clay is asleep but here I am wide awake. I get the feeling that I will be struggling to stay awake again, but I am determined to bear it quietly in order to get home sooner. I'm gonna be really bummed if we have to stop to sleep just 4 hours out of Omaha!
We are going to leave here in about an hour and a half and try to drive the rest of the way home. If we leave while it's still dark we can cover a lot of miles before it gets hot. 

(Camel rock, just outside our hotel). 

Hopefully my next blog post will be posted from my living room!

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