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Jul 27, 2015

The things you forget..

We got home on Saturday evening..  It was sooo good to sleep in my own bed!  
The first half of our vacation was fun, but I'm glad to be home.. The second half of our vacation starts on the 7th of next month when we spend 3 days at the mall of America..

It's funny; 2 months ago we had decided that since the company that Clay works for no longer allows permanent transfers overseas and we can't move to Africa, that we would move back to New Mexico..  
We used to live there several years ago, well Clay is from there, but after he and I were married in North Carolina we moved there for a couple years..  We left New Mexico when Sky was four years old and we visit occasionally (way less than we should)..

We were quite serious about moving back once Sky had moved out on her own and we were confident that she would be ok, but that has all sort of changed now..
I learned that I didn't like being that far away from Sky..  Sure she's very responsible, I know she can take care of herself without any help from us; but if we missed her after just 11 days, how much more will we miss her after a few months?
It also occurred to us that she could be married and on her way to having children in just a few short years..  She's our only child, so the children she will have will be our only grandchildren..  We would be those grandparents that our grandchildren hardly knew because we lived in a different state and only saw them on visits..  I don't think I want to be the grandma that communicates with her grand-kids through birthday cards and phone calls..
There are other reasons too..  Spending a week in New Mexico reminded me why we were willing to transfer for Clay's work in the first place..  
The climate is one for sure!  I forgot how much I absolutely hate the dry heat..  I will try my hardest not to complain about how humid it is here in Omaha ever again..  Sure, its really hot here in the summer with the heat index but I definitely prefer the humidity over the desert heat..

Another factor..  I don't really feel safe there..  I'm sure I'm just being paranoid but while we were driving around town after dark in the Jeep (with no doors or top) I knew that if Clay wasn't with me I would have felt uneasy..  Clay's younger brother told him just before we left for Arizona that Roswell wasn't the Roswell that we remember..  I think he was right..

There are other reasons too, reasons that I won't blog about..  
Clay would like to see his brothers more often and we miss the kids, plus it would be nice if we lived there so I could spend more time with Ami (I love her church too) but I think we are going to stay in Omaha with Sky and make a bigger effort to visit more frequently..

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