Consider the Lilies..: On to Albuquerque..   

Jul 21, 2015

On to Albuquerque..

Our reservations in Arizona were changed from the 26th to the 22nd so we have to leave a couple days earlier than we had originally planned. But they upgraded us the the executive suite for the inconvenience so that's a plus :)

We spent a couple days in Melrose on the ranch with Clay's parents and a couple days in Roswell; we were able to see our nephews and niece, and Tom and Ami. We weren't able to see Levi much but we didn't give him much time to plan a visit with us. We didn't tell him we were coming until we were only 3 hours away (I forget that he doesn't have FB so he isn't in the loop). 
We got to go to church with Tom and Ami on Sunday. I really like their church and the sermon was pretty good :)

*couldnt leave Roswell without one picture of an alien*

We weren't able to make the trip back to Melrose to meet Lestie or to Las Cruces to see Vickie though. (bummer)

It's been so hot!  It's funny though, when we are in Omaha it feels like I would do anything to get away from the humidity, but then I spend a week in the desert and I remember that I prefer the the humidity!


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