Consider the Lilies..: Dodge City.   

Jul 14, 2015

Dodge City.

We left our house at about 630 this morning, but didn't actually get out of town until about 730 because our brand-new car stereo wasn't working so we had to stop at Walmart to get a Bluetooth speaker.

We were going to try to drive until about 8 o'clock at night before we got a hotel but we stopped at 3:00 in Dodge City Kansas instead. So we only drove for eight hours. 
We are driving the jeep so there is no air conditioning, it got up to 99° and since we are in Kansas there is absolutely no shade over the roads at all and it just got too hot and too uncomfortable to keep going.

So now I'm sitting comfortably after a nice cold shower in front of the A/C in our hotel room.  
Clay went to get dinner. We were going to go to a steak house but it's too hot to go out again. 

We are probably gonna leave before the sun comes up so we can get a few hours of cooler driving time. 

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