Consider the Lilies..: Day 7   

Jul 2, 2015

Day 7

Photo of your significant other and 10 things you love about him.

This one is going to be easy..

1. He has more patience than anyone I have ever met..  In the 19 years that we have been married, he has never raised his voice to me.  Seriously, never.

2. He is a great dad.  Just ask Sky..  According to her, he can fix anything, do anything, and is the coolest person who ever lived.

3. He works harder than anyone I know..  For reals, I'm not exaggerating; when he goes to work, his schedule is 24/7.  He is on call all the time.. He has worked 36 hours without a break, slept for 6 hours, and then got up an did it again..  More than once..  His typical day, when everything is going smoothly is on average, 14 hours..  He does this for 5 weeks at a time..

4. When he is home, he is home.  He doesn't spend hours playing computer games or video games; or spend all his time hanging out with friends, or perusing personal interests..  He's home with us..  I have never ever had any reason to complain that he doesn't spend any quality time with his family..  All of his time off work is quality time with us.

5. He is incredibly selfless..  I mean really, really selfless..  He never thinks of himself before anyone..  It's completely natural, he doesn't even try..  That's just how he is.. 

6. Humility..  He is as naturally humble as he is selfless..  

7.  He never says no to anyone who needs help; even if he doesn't like them..  He'll do anything to help if it's within his power to help; give money, manual labor, anything..  He never expects anything in return..  Even when people take advantage..  It doesn't matter to him, he'll still help..

8. He's a natural leader..  I know that practically every guy on the planet likes to think that they are a born leader..  How many guys do you know that say "I'm more of a follower, I don't like to take the initiative"?   Yeah, none..  
But Clay just is, you know?  Lots of guys are afraid to step up, many won't admit it, but they are..  Several years ago, he and I were in a grocery store and this guy came running in, followed by two other guys chasing him..  They tackled him in the produce section and started wailing on him..
There were at least 5 other men standing around and no one did anything, they all just stood there and watched..  Clay walked right up, grabbed the guys and threw them off of the one getting pummeled.   They kept coming back at the guy on the floor and Clay kept picking them up and tossing them until finally 2 guys caught on and started to help..  
He also knows that a good leader needs to set an example..  He caries himself with confidence, but not arrogance,.  He doesn't ask anyone to do anything that he isn't willing to do himself..  At work, he doesn't tell his people what to do, he shows them, and then works alongside them..  I'm sure it's not easy to supervise 150 to 200 people who don't speak your language; but he makes it look easy..
He commands respect without saying a word..  And he gets it, from everyone..

9. He can do just about anything and everything he does, he excels at..  He doesn't do anything badly..  He can fix anything, build anything, shoot anything.  He's incredibly smart, though never draws attention to it..  Most people think that all he does at work is swing a hammer and drill holes in the ground, but he does so much more..  He has degrees in chemistry, geology, and agriculture..  A big part of his job is brain-work..  Yeah, he does swing a hammer at work a lot, even though it's not really his job now..  He'll even chip cement when he needs too.. He is a roughneck through and through..  Sure, he's a big guy with mohawk and earrings who works knee-deep in mud and crude oil, but he's the smartest roughneck you are ever likely to meet..

10. He is a good man.  He has amazing faith.  He doesn't worry, he doesn't doubt, he doesn't question and he doesn't struggle..  He loves the Bible and reads it with me every day that he's home..  He loves Jesus and it shows..  There is nothing fake about him.  What you see is what you get..  He doesn't put on airs, does nothing to draw attention to himself (however the mohawk does) he doesn't ever seek to be edified, glorified, or praised..  
He is never too tired or too busy to help anyone who needs it. He's a great dad (I know I said that before but it's worth repeating) always willing to give Sky his undivided attention, and his patience with her is unlimited..  He never fails to tell her how much he loves her and how proud he is of her..
He's the kind of husband that any woman would be beyond grateful to have; everything he does he does for us and with us in mind..
When he is away from us, he works tirelessly to support us and when he's home he makes it his mission to take care of us..  His motto is 'I will not be out served"..  You won't find him sitting on the couch asking anyone to wait on him..  In fact, he makes it difficult for us to do anything for him!

I know that I could not have done anything to deserve this incredible man and I honestly do not know why God chose to bless me by making him my husband..  There are no words to describe how I feel about him, love doesn't seem big enough..

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