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Jul 8, 2015

Changing plans a little..

I'm still working on the next part of the blog challenge. 

We changed our plans as far as our vacation goes. I started researching Route 66 and discovered that a lot of the sights that used to be popular have closed down and are in disrepair. Most of the sites that I read about said "not open to the public, but can be seen from the road". 

So instead of Route 66, after we visit family in New Mexico we are going to spend a couple days in Arizona visiting the Grand Canyon. 
I have been there before when I was a kid but I we didn't spend much time there and I don't remember much, only that I thought it was incredibly boring. 
We are going to take a jeep tour through the canyon and see everything and to stay at the Twin Arrows Casino and Resort in Flagstaff which is about an hour away from the Grand Canyon. 
Then we are doing to drive through the Painted Desert on our way home..
We were going to go through Wyoming to see Yellowstone and then to South Dakota to Mt. Rushmore before going home but we decided that we would rather have money in the bank :)

Sky has signed up for more college courses; she has graduated from welding school but she wants a degree so she can make more money..  We really don't want her to take out a student loan..  If we don't extend our vacation we could help her with tuition..  She will be in her own apartment next year and it would be difficult for her to pay rent and everything else, plus pay for school too..  
She did win a partial scholarship when she won Skills USA, but i'm sure she will still have plenty to pay..

Clay will be home in less than a week!!

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