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Jun 17, 2015

So it's Wednesday..

I went to see my G.I. yesterday..  His nurse called and said that it was 'time for him to see me'..  I was dreading it because that usually means he is going to tell me that I need to be scoped..  Luckily he didn't..  
He did give me a pneumonia shot and ordered blood-work (it's a monthly thing)..  It took 3 people to get the blood though..  The first one tapped me with her finger about 50 times looking for a vein, put hot packs on my arms and hands, and then tapped me another 50 times before deciding that she wasn't going to even try with a needle..  
The next person tapped me another 50 times, moved my chair around, put a pillow under my arms, checked my hands, put another hot-pack on my arms, and finally tried with a needle..  She hit a vein but couldn't get any blood; tried to dig around with the needle (ouch) and still couldn't get it, so she put the hot pack back on my arms and sent in the third person..
More tapping and moving around the hot pack..  She moved my chair to a different position, put the pillow on my lap then sat on the floor in front of me and got a vein in my hand that bled nicely..

I stopped at the animal shelter on my way home to drop off some towels (they are always running low on towels)..  I saw a cat up for adoption..  A Russian blue..  She was so pretty!  But as much as I would have like to have her, we agreed no more pets until we move..  We are hoping to be completely pet free by the time we move..  Although we really thought Angel would go with us..
The dogs are old and we don't expect them to live another 2 years..  Buster is 18, one leg doesn't work, blind in one eye, and he can't hear..  Copper is 11, but he's a big dog and he's getting slow..  I sorta get the feeling that Copper will still be around when we go..  Though how we are going to drive a U-haul with a 120 pound dog is beyond me..  I can't follow the truck in the Jeep because Copper is too big to ride in it..  So I am hoping that nature will take it's course before we move..
Yeah, I know that sounded horrible..  I really do love them..  For reals..

Oh, check this out..
My niece will be in a play showing at the Rose Theater..  They are doing Alice in Wonderland and she is playing the Caterpillar..
Her name in lights!  How cool is that??

Hey, did you know that cantaloupe and cottage cheese is really good together?
I didn't..
I do now :)

Happy Wednesday!

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