Consider the Lilies..: Happy Monday.   

Jun 22, 2015

Happy Monday.

I wish I had something interesting or funny, or inspirational to blog about..  
But I don't..
Nothing is really going on..

Clay is back out on the rig..  
He flew back to the yard yesterday and then got a call from the rig boss demanding an American on the rig..  No idea why, but Clay went out..  
They wanted him bad enough to charter a private helicopter for him, so I guess it was important..

Sky didn't go to work today..
She spent all day outside in a bikini and got a bad sunburn and sunstroke..
She spent all night barfing..

We went to see Savannah at the Rose Theater last Friday. She was the Catapillar. She was great!  
She said "I don't get to smoke a hookah because I'm 9" so she blew bubbles instead. 
They play was pretty good into the second half, then they went from Alice in Wonderland to Beyond the looking glass and I'm not sure a lot of the people in the audience caught on. All of a sudden there was a different girl playing Alice and they switched the story line. I could see the people in the audience looking confused. 
Vannah also played the 10 of hearts (perfectly I might add). 
She was pretty happy at the end of the evening. 

Today is day 20 without any sugar. I'm totally surprised at myself. I'm still not really struggling with this new way of eating.  When I do get a craving I just wait it out and it goes away in a few minutes. 
My only problem is finding a variety of things to eat. I get tired of the same stuff after a while. 
I got a spiral slicer so I could make 'noodles' out of zucchini and cucumbers but I keep forgetting to buy them. I was thinking maybe parsnips too. I love parsnips. But I can't think of what would go well with parsnip noodles :)

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