Consider the Lilies..: Saturday..   

Jun 13, 2015


 Haven't done much this week but reading, Bible, stuff and housework..  So it's been a perfect week :) 
I'm reading 3 books at the moment: Slave, Strange Fire, & 12 Extraordinary Women.  They are all written by John MacArthur..  I have 7 of his books and I want to read all of them, but I figured more than 3 at a time would be overkill..  Ha!

Clay is on the rig right now and probably will be for the next week..
Sky is out having a life and I'm reading my books and binge-watching Netflix..  
I'm on the last episode of the final season of Fraiser right now; I was watching season 3 of Orange is the new Black but then I started to feel weird about watching it..  Kind of a bummer because I really like the show, but I just started to feel like it wasn't OK to watch and I turned it off..  So now I won't know how it ends, but that's alright, I can start all 11 seasons of M*A*S*H again..  Maybe Star Trek?  
I think we have decided to drive to New Mexico when Clay gets home..  We could fly but we would have to use his frequent flyer miles which would mean a 7 hour lay over in Denver..  Ugh..  I got sick the last time we spent a long layover in Denver and then had to struggle not to vomit on the flight to Omaha..  It was horrible..
So we are going to take our time and drive..  Plus, it will be nice to have the Jeep while we are there so we don't need to borrow Pop's truck..  Not that I don't love his truck, he has two and I really like his old red one, but we will be staying in Melrose at the ranch instead of Roswell, and the Jeep gets way better gas mileage than his truck..  Everyone else lives in Roswell and I think it's about an hour and a half drive there from Melrose..  I'd rather pay for the gas to fill the Jeep..  Besides, we can take the top and the doors off the Jeep..
But since we are driving that means we won't land in Houston so we can't see Lestie..  Unless of course she decides to visit her parents that just happen to live right up the road from Clay's parents..  *hint Lestie*

Dang, I just wrote a whole paragraph about driving a Jeep..  
This might be the most boring post of the month..
It's sort of a boring day..

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