Consider the Lilies..: Friday already?   

Jun 5, 2015

Friday already?

This week has flown by..  Probably because it was Clay's last week at home..  He was supposed to be home for 5 weeks but it's his boss' turn to have issues getting a VISA so Clay went back to work a week early to cover for him for a month..  He was actually supposed to leave on Wednesday; his flight was scheduled to leave at 6:00 in the morning so Sky dropped him off at 4:30..  He called me at 6:25 to come pick him up..
He had checked in as soon as he got inside the airport and then stood in the security line for and hour..  Just as he was walking to the gate for his flight, they shut the door..  I have no idea why, but once the door is shut, the can't open it..  The person who shut the door actually saw him coming but closed it anyway..
He bought a bunch of tools for the shop at work while he was home, so he took 2 boxes, each weighing about 200 pounds with him..  The boxes made it on the plane and were flown to Houston..  When Clay got home he called Houston to tell them to just hold the boxes and he would meet them there on the next flight..
Then about 2 hours later Houston called to tell him that the boxes were on their way back to Omaha..  Ugh..
So we had to drive back to the airport to pick them up..  I wasn't looking forward to lugging two 200 pound boxes to the parking garage, but Clay just picked them up, one in each hand and started walking..  Wow..
He takes the Houston Express to Angola and it only flies every other day so he left this morning..  I dropped him off at 3:30..  He was going to make darn sure that he had enough time to get through security!
Now he is on the plane on the way to Houston..

Sky has finished college!  Well sort of..  She has finished the required schooling to be a welder (even though she has been welding professionally for 5 months now) but she signed up for more classes next year..  She wants to get a degree so she can move up quicker and get a higher pay..
She's working full time now and I think she is getting her certification today..
I found out that you don't get a welding certificate when you finish welding school..  Your place of business certifies you..  
She really loves her job..  I'm so glad about that..  There is only one other female who works where she does, but Sky is the youngest (youngest welder ever hired!)..  The bosses are making big deal out of her SKILLS USA win (#1 in Nebraska!)..  She was interviewed and photographed for a welding magazine and they insist on displaying her medals (she won second last year) at work.
I'm still blown away by how tough she is..  She's so tiny, but dynamite comes in small packages right?
She lifts 60 pound pieces of metal over her head at least 50 times a day, welds so much that she comes home with burns on her arms, chest, legs, or wherever a random spark lands; cuts and callouses on her hands, soot covering her from head to toe, exhausted, but sporting a wide grin..
She talks all through dinner about what she did, who she talked to, what music they listened to, where they went for lunch, on and on..  She's happier now then I have ever seen her.. 
The only downside is that she is so happy now that she doesn't want to come with us when we move to New Mexico in 2 years..
I'm bummed about it, but I know she will be absolutely fine on her own..  Plus Clay gets lots of frequent flyer miles so we can fly her to NM for regular visits..

Things are going well for me too..  I've only done the bare minimum of schoolwork while Clay was home but now that he's gone back to work I can double my work load..

I have gained a lot of weight over the 8 months that Clay was home..  I mean a LOT..  I'm the heaviest I have ever been..  
Plus I quit smoking over a year ago which packed on the pounds too, so I started a low-carb, no-sugar diet..  I'm totally amazed at how easy it's been!
I'm an absolute sugar junkie..  I love cake, frosting, pastries, chocolate, you name it..  I have always heard that going no sugar is super hard, and for me it usually is..  Especially the first 3 days..  But this time I haven't had any problem..  I'm on day four and i'm not craving it..  
Oh sure, I'd like some chocolate, but I'm not craving it, at least not right now..  Yesterday I sort or felt the familiar "I want something sweet" feeling nagging at me, but I just ignored it and it went away..
To be honest, I haven't really struggled much at all..  I thought the low-carb thing would be really difficult..  But it's really not..  I'm never really hungry, I don't have an urge to snack between meals, and I don't eat as much at mealtimes as I expected I would..  Like this morning, I had a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and coffee and I'm full..  Yeah, seriously..
I just keep telling myself "food is just fuel"..  A lot of it is mental I think..  I have to have a different opinion of food and what it's for..  If I can change my mind about it, maybe it would help me to keep going..  
A friend of mine who has lost a considerable amount of weight explained to me the difference between 'head hungry' and real hungry..  So I have been trying to really pay attention to myself when I'm hungry..  Am I truly hungry, or do I just want to eat?
Turns out, it's mostly in my head..
Yesterday, just because I was curious, I googled "how many carbs are in a tablespoon of four?"..  The answer is 77.  That's more than my daily carb intake!  I am trying to keep it under 50, and so far it hasn't been difficult at all, and knowing that just one slice of bread would double my whole day's worth of carbs kind of helps to stay away from it..
I thought I would miss potatoes too, but Ami (sister-in-law) told me how to make mashed cauliflower.. I was skeptical at first..  I hate cauliflower..  Really hate it..  But it tried it anyway..  Oh. My. Gosh.  It's fantastic!  Even Sky liked it..

Clay got me a treadmill too..  I have a gym membership but I never want to actually GO to the gym..  I don't mind exorcising once I get there, but the actual getting there never seems to happen..  
I'm so out of shape now..  I used to be able to walk on the treadmill for over an hour..  Now after just a few minutes my legs are screaming..
I was so disappointed that I sent a text to Elaine whining about how fat and out of shape I was because I could only go a few minutes..  She reminded me that having a treadmill at home meant that I could walk a few minutes several times a day..  That helped..


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