Consider the Lilies..: Day 4   

Jun 26, 2015

Day 4

My biggest pet peeve..

This is an easy one..
Anyone trying to sell me anything..
I hate it..  I mean, I really hate it..
It doesn't matter what it is; Mary Kay, Body by Vi, Kirby vacuums..  Whatever..

I don't like to be approached in a store, over the phone, at my door, in a parking lot, whatever..
I don't make eye-contact with anyone selling cookies or popcorn outside of a Walmart, and if they try to get my attention I just say "no thank you" and keep walking..
I dislike going to a mall for this very reason..  There are so many people selling stuff in the hallways; sunglasses, perfume, purses, cellphones..  And all of them trying to get your attention..  

This is the way I see it..  If I am out shopping, I am shopping for something particular..  I have an agenda, I know what I need and I know what I want..  I have never said to myself 
"I want to go shopping but I have no idea what I want or need so I'm just going to wander around aimlessly until someone approaches me to sell me something."  
Seriously, if you are selling something I need; I'll come to you..
I even remove people from my Facebook if they start posting advertisements for what they are selling..

When a telemarketer calls me I simply say "I'm not interested, remove me from your list" and I hang up.  When the Kirby vacuum salesman comes to my door and tries to trick me into showing me their vacuum (they come to the door with a can of Airwick air-freshener and say "we would like to give you this free sample in exchange for your opinion on a popular cleaning product", if you say yes, they return with a vacuum and go into a full hour sales pitch and then not only try their hardest to argue with you until you give in and buy it, but they get their supervisor on the phone to try to bully you into it too) I tell them that I'm not interested in seeing the vacuum that they have sitting in the van around the corner, and I shut the door..

I don't go to jewelry parties, chocolate & wine parties, Pampered Chef parties, 31 parties, or any kind of party where I know that someone will be putting on a presentation and then trying their hardest to not only push you into buying their product, but trying to convince you to sell it as well..
I have one exception, I will go to one at my sister's house, but it's really only so she can have another person there, but she knows I'm not going to buy anything and usually tells the person selling that I won't either :)
She sells Scentsy (which I love) but she never tries to sell me anything..  She just tells me when there is something she thinks I would like and leaves it at that..  Or she texts me and says "I have a Scentsy order going in, do you want something?"..  
She's my sister so she gets a little more leeway than a stranger..  :)

I simply cannot express how much I hate it when someone tries to sell me something..
But maybe the sign on my front door gets my message across..

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