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May 4, 2015


I have 7 things on my To Do list today..

I had to get doggy steps for Buster so he can get on the couch because he's too old to jump..

Clay will be home in 4 days..

I can't understand how I can mow the lawn and an hour later there are full grown dandelions all over the yard..

The Bible talks about repentance 78 times in the Bible..
54 of those are in the New Testament..

My daughter still thinks she needs to tell me about every single bodily function that occurs..
(Not sure that's a good thing)

I have 5 pairs of glasses..
I don't know why..

4:37 AM is not a good time for the smoke alarm to begin signaling that the battery is going dead..

I have a lot of schoolwork to do today.

FYI, Don't put on the first shirt you grab without looking on Sunday morning; if you go to Sunday school wearing a shirt that says "Theology Nerd" the guy teaching expects you to answer every question because no one else is speaking up..

I wore my shirt backwards to church last week..
I'm not having much luck when it comes to dressing myself for church..

It's supposed to rain all week..  Just when the lawn dries out enough for me to mow, it rains again.
Not that I'm complaining; I like the rain, but the pooper-scooper guy doesn't scoop if the grass is too long..
I'll have to figure out a different way to pick up Clay from the airport too..

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