Consider the Lilies..: Thoughts..   

May 26, 2015


Sometimes you have to chose between your friends and the truth..

Basil doesn't like a lot of rain..

Neither does cilantro..

Some people would rather live a lie and be happy than embrace the truth and be saved..

I don't have the patience needed to shampoo the carpets properly..
Fortunately Clay does..

"Slave" by John MacAurthur is a really good book..

Curry is yummy in chicken salad..  

Popularity is an evil thing..

There are no longer live in positions overseas so we can't move to Africa..
Total bummer..

The easiest way to draw a crowd is to tell them exactly what they want to hear..

Making a perfectly poached egg isn't as difficult as I thought it was..

The idea of living far away from everything seems more appealing to me the older I get..

Girls with sooty welding boots make it difficult to keep the carpet clean..

I see a move to New Mexico in our future..
And a donkey..

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