Consider the Lilies..: One more week..   

May 1, 2015

One more week..

It's Friday..
Clay will be home next Friday..
Just one more week..
It's been long enough..
The last week is always the hardest..
It's really going to suck if he calls to tell me he has to stay longer..

I have blood-work today..  
Normally I go in once a month but my liver is trying to turn toxic again..
So that means blood-work every week and possibly an ultrasound this month too..

Geez, I can't think of anything else to blog about..
Haven't been doing much besides school and housework..
Not that I mind..
 I like school and housework and not going anywhere..
But it's not that exciting to read about..

I haven't worked on my thesis in a week..
I've only written 3 pages..
I really should get a move on..
I need to do a lot of organizing and research before I can get started actually writing..

Ok, I have been sitting here forever trying to think of something else to write and
nothing is coming to mind..
 So here..

This is Ralph..

Sky named her Ralph before we learned that she was a girl..
 She lives in the tree in the back yard and she's always running across the 
railing on the deck so I decided to put some food out for her..
I put a bowl of corn and other squirrel food on the railing and 
hung a bird feeder the the cardinals and blue jays too..
Ralph went right for the Bird feeder..
She's pretty brave, she doesn't run away when we go out on the deck and she
doesn't seem too bothered that Angel (the evil cat) is sleeping on the deck when it's sunny.

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