Consider the Lilies..: Mother's Day..   

May 10, 2015

Mother's Day..

I love Mother's Day..
Of course I do; I'm a mom..
Clay and Sky always go above and beyond on Mother's day,
which is always super awesome..

Church was good..  Not the typical "women you need to love yourself" Mother's Day sermon..  I'm grateful for that :)
Clay really liked the church I have been going to while he was at work; so much that he said we don't have to keep looking at other churches..  So we have found a church!  Yay!
While Clay and I were at church Sky cleaned the house and went shopping..
Steelers stuff, Twizzlers, flowers, and wind-chimes (the triangle thing behind the Twizzlers)..
She made the wind-chimes in welding which makes them even more awesome..

Clay got me all the herbs I wanted for this year's herb garden and filled all the pots with dirt and even lugged them up the stairs..
 Basil (lots!), oregano, chives, parsley, thyme, & tarragon..
They were all out of cilantro though..  Bummer..

An espresso machine!
Soo happy!
Even happier because Sky makes the perfect cappuccino..  Score!

Clay is grilling steaks for dinner (unless the tornado hits us) along with roasted onions and baked potatoes..

It's a good day :)

Happy Mother's Day!

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