Consider the Lilies..: “Truth never damages a cause that is just.”   

Apr 2, 2015

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”

I will speak up when those I am conversing with talk about the Bible, Jesus, church, whatever..  I'm not afraid to say "that's not what the Bible says" or "that is taken out of context" or "this is what that verse really means"..  I'm not afraid to say that someone is a false teacher if the topic is just that..  But I have never just stood up without being invited into a conversation and said "listen up people!  I need to tell you the truth!"
I'm ashamed to say it now, but there have been many situations where I have heard false teaching and I said nothing; for fear of rejection, worries that no one would take me seriously, accuse me of being 'too religious'..  Even when I could absolutely back it up with Scripture, I said nothing..
I was reading an article by Justin Peters.  He had written a review on the movie 'The Son of God'..  OK everyone, now pick up your stone and prepare to throw it at me because I'm going to say some negative stuff about this movie.. 
*By the way, this is not a post about me reviewing a movie, so just bare with me alright?*
 We all know that movies adapted from a book are always changed either a little or a lot for effect..  I get that..  I'm totally cool with it..  But when that movie is about the Bible?  Maybe there should be a little more effort to keep it on topic..  I have heard pastors endorse this movie and I have heard pastors admit that there were a few tiny discrepancies but they were no big deal, and if we simply focus on the general theme of the movie we would come away from it with a more personal view of Jesus.  But come on; there was not one scene in this movie that did not have a biblical discrepancy.  Not one!  
Also, when the people who create a movie about Jesus along with the TV series 'The Bible', use theologian (their word, not mine) Joel Osteen as their 'biblical expert' that should be enough to convince anyone that there's problem..  Joel Osteen is the most heretical, blasphemous, false teacher in the world next to Benny Hinn.  
Well, maybe not; there is also Todd Bently and TD Jakes..  Crefflo Dollar?  OK, I could continue this list for an hour at least..  Lets move on..
*I'll be happy to prove the heresies of these poeple any time, bring your Bible.  Sure telling someone what they want to hear might make them feel good, but twisting Scripture to do it?  No.  Not ok.  The Bible calls that heresy.*
Ok, enough about my feelings about the movie..  You may throw your stones now..   Back to my point..  Justin Peters sat through the movie, took notes and then did this:
"When the movie came to its merciful end and the lights came on, I stood up and turned to face the crowd (I was sitting at the front and so everyone was behind me).  I said, “Ladies and gentlemen, may I please have your attention?”  Every head in the theater turned and people stared at me.  I went on to explain to them that they just saw a movie in which Jesus was grossly misrepresented and His teachings twisted beyond recognition.  I said, “Please do not think that you just saw the Jesus of the Bible in this movie because you did not.  What you just saw was a different Jesus with a different gospel.”  I went on to present the true Gospel to them.  I talked about sin, the wrath of God and the absolute necessity for genuine repentance.  I said that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.  I ended by saying, “Please do not think you will find the true Jesus in this movie or any other movie.  If you want to know the true Jesus, please, please go home and read your Bibles.  There and only there will you find Him.”

I guess I spoke for 3-4 minutes or so.  I noticed that as I spoke the vast majority of people looked like deer in headlights just watching me in stunned silence.  A few, though, were nodding their heads in agreement.  For just a few it seemed that what I was saying was resonating with their hearts and minds.

I relate this to you not to lift myself up as some courageous Christian.  Not at all.  I only did what I was supposed to do.  My conscience was so violated by this film that for me to do anything less would have been sin.  I did it because it was right thing to do.  James 4:17 states, “Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.”  

That is what struck me..  This man stood up on his crutches (he has cerebral palsy) faced a crowd of strangers and told them the truth!  He was compelled to do so..   The truth of the Bible resonates within him so deeply that he simply could not walk out of that theater without telling everyone the real truth..  He obviously didn't care if someone felt like throwing their popcorn at him, or if security removed him from the building..  He spoke up..

That is what I pray for..  The courage to do that..  I'll be honest with you..  I have an excuse for why I don't do that..  I tell myself it's because I want to be absolutely sure about my theology before I speak up..  That I don't want to give the wrong information, or say the wrong thing, or put God in a bad light (never-mind that the Bible says that the Holy Spirit will give the words)..
I have even tried to say that I don't do it because I do not have the gifting that a pastor or an evangelist does.  That my strength is the ability to learn Scripture and to share it when someone asks me..
Excuses!  That's all they are..  Excuses..  
No where in the Bible does it say "you must hold the title of pastor and have a skill for public speaking, to tell the truth of the Gospel"..  
No, it says "Go and make disciples"..
He was talking to everyone..  Including me.

 I know the Bible well enough to know what is true and what isn't..  I know the Bible well enough to know that knowing that Jesus loves us simply is not enough..  
Someone once said to me "I know that I know that Jesus loves me and that's all I need to know."
Well guess what?  It's not enough. 
That's not my opinion, that's the Bible..
Justin Peters also said:  "If you truly want to show people love, tell them the truth.  If you want to show someone hatred, see that they are in error, know the truth but say nothing about it."

One day I will stand before God and if He asks me why I didn't speak out when he had equipped me with everything I needed to do so, what am I going to say?  
"I'm really sorry God, but I didn't want people to stop liking me and I thought that they would talk about me when I wasn't around, and I didn't want them to tell me that I didn't show grace and that I was a know-it-all who wasn't loving"

In other words, "I, I, I, me, I, I, me, I, I."

Life is short, eternity is forever.  Jesus was persecuted for what He said, and He said we would be also..  
 “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.  Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you."  Matthew 5:11-12
So that's it..  

I can't be quiet.  
I can't be concerned with what others think.  
Because I know the truth.
And if I know the truth and say nothing;
How loving am I?

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”- Aristotle  

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