Consider the Lilies..: Sunday..   

Apr 26, 2015


It's been raining off and on for the last week, so I haven't left the house..  Not that I have a problem with rain, but I asked Clay to leave the top down on the Jeep before he left..  I have an idea of how to put it back up but it's a pain, I always get dirty while I'm working on it, and truthfully, I don't mind staying home..  I had to go have blood work done and it was a little misty but thankfully it didn't rain on me..

Usually I go in once a month for blood work, but my doctor called and said that it looks like my liver is trying to turn toxic again so I have to go back in on May 1st for more tests..  I have been having some pain lately, so I'm hoping that's the cause and not that I am gearing up for anther flare-up..
Not that I want a toxic liver, but a flare-up puts me in the hospital..
I gotta tell ya, I am so thankful for good insurance!  We are one of the few families I know who was able to keep Blue Cross/Blue Shield and I am grateful for it!

I permanently deleted my Facebook account on Friday..  It had been a little over a year, and I said I would try it for a year and see..  I was allowing it to take up a lot of time that could be spent on other more meaningful things so I wrote to the Facebook people and asked them to permanently delete my page.
I wanted to double up on schoolwork so I could finish quicker but I have only been keeping up rather than getting ahead..  When all of my work is done on my laptop, it's easy to switch over and see what's happening on Facebook..  
So far I don't really miss it..  I was part of a Facebook group where there was a lot of Bible discussion that I really enjoyed and I will miss that part of it..
To be able to sit with a group of people and have an actual discussion about the Bible that doesn't include the words "I just really feel" would be awesome..  Wishful thinking, but awesome!

Clay said he would be home on the 7th of May..  He seems pretty sure about that date, but until he sends me a text saying "I'm on the plane" I won't hold my breath..  If he does leave when he says he will, he'll only be gone 7 weeks..  He figured 8, I was thinking 13..  
I talked to him for a couple minutes last night before I went to bed; he will be going out to a rig today so I don't expect to hear from him for a couple days..
I'm so glad he's happy though, he loves his job (always has) but he's liking this position better than his last..  I don't worry about him as much as I did when he was in Libya..  Oh he didn't worry, he never does and I tried my hardest not to but it sucked..  I would have preferred he chose Australia, but if you're only supportive when it makes you happy, you're not much of a wife are ya?
Every thing he does, he does for Sky and me, so if doing it in a different country makes him happy, who am I to complain?

Sky had the day off yesterday (she usually works Saturday) so we had a lazy day..  It was my Sabbath anyway, but even on a Sabbath I usually get dressed..  We stayed in our P.J.'s all day and binge-watched season one of 'The Good Wife' on Amazon Prime.

Speaking of P.J.'s, church is in a couple of hours and I am still in mine, so I need to get myself moving..  There was other stuff I wanted to blog about, but I'm outta time..
More later!

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