Consider the Lilies..: My latest DIY   

Apr 9, 2015

My latest DIY

Since I made the Febreeze and it worked, I went on Pinterest looking for a DIY recipe for stain remover..  
Sky gets really dirty at work and her jeans don't come clean in the wash.  I've used SHOUT Stain Remover and I've tried Resolve (they make it for clothes now, not just carpets) but they don't get out all of the dirt, and stain remover is kind of expensive..  Plus it's cold and wet outside and I don't want to drive to the store with the top down on the Jeep.. So, I found a recipe that calls for everything I have at home..
I used the ingredients that the recipe called for; 
this stuff..

The instructions say to measure the ingredients into a spray bottle, shake, store in your laundry room, and use as needed..
So that's what I did..

The next day I picked up the spray bottle and it exploded..  
I don't mean that it leaked; I mean it exploded..
Like a bomb.

Total Pinterest FAIL.

Just buy stain remover..  It might cost more but it won't blow up.

Have a nice day.

Oh, by the way; I'm working on a blog post that going to be all Bible-ish, so you can skip it if you wanna..  Well, except for those of you who get my posts in your email..  I guess you can just delete it :)

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