Consider the Lilies..: Lawnmowers and laser printers..   

Apr 29, 2015

Lawnmowers and laser printers..

Stuff usually breaks when Clay is away..  
The pipe was clogged and I had to learn how to cut through a pipe and run a snake through it.
The Jeep is doing the scary Jeep wobble thing again.
The lawn mower stopped working.
And my printer wouldn't connect..

OK, 2 of those things were my fault..  The pipe was clogged because I put broccoli down the disposal, and the lawnmower stopped working because I didn't know about old gas..
I also didn't know that when you put anything down the disposal you should keep the water running for a full minute after turning off the disposal..
Apparently that's not a big secret; everyone I have mentioned it to knew that..
No one told me about old gas in a lawnmower though..  I even told Clay over the phone that I was going to mow the lawn and he didn't tell me that I needed to get new gas, so I just used the gas in the can that had been sitting there since last summer..  

I mowed the lawn twice, then yesterday when I went out to mow, it started up just fine and then died..
Z came over and took the carburetor apart and cleaned it out because there were some "bits" in it (whatever that means) and then added new gas and voila! It worked!  
His son even mowed the front yard..  Bonus!

My printer stopped working yesterday, which kind of sucked because I need it for school..  It kept saying it wasn't connected, but the wireless was working fine so I have no idea what it meant by not connected..  
So I googled "my printer is not connected" and got a list of troubleshooting steps to go through..  I did them all and still nothing, then I downloaded the HP Doctor that told me that the software for my printer was not installed on my laptop..  
Not sure how that happened considering I have been using the printer from my laptop for 2 months now..  Weird..
So I installed the software again and now the printer works.

I know, it doesn't sound like a big deal, but I when Clay is home, I don't do anything..  Well, I do stuff but I don't lift, carry, or fix anything..  I don't mow the lawn, pump my own gas, carry groceries, take out the trash, or even open my own door..  Clay does all of that stuff..  So when something breaks when he is away, and I manage to fix it, even when it's something minor like making a printer work, I feel pretty accomplished..
I would not have been able to fix the lawnmower though..  I can't even think how I would empty the gas tank except to tip the mower upside down and let it pour out onto the driveway.  I'm pretty sure that would be frowned upon by our neighbors..
The only downside to having a fixed mower?  Now I have to go out and mow the lawn..
I was going to have Sky do it but she works a full 8 hours and then goes to school so I should probably give the girl a break and do it myself..

I have a busy day of school today;  Three outlines to do: the attributes of God, a discernment lecture and a hamartiology lecture..  I think I might have a pneumatology assignment too?  I dunno..  I'm not feeling too organized today..  Probably because I haven't made my bed yet..
Funny isn't it?  Once the bed is made, the rest of the day makes more sense..
But first..  The lawn..
No, first the bed, then the lawn..

Have a happy Wednesday!

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