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Apr 12, 2015

80 Pages??

Remember that project for school that I blogged about?  The one that included interviewing a group of Christians by asking some basic questions, and then selecting a smaller group from that group and asking 30 more in depth questions?  The one I got really angry about so I decided to chose a different project?  Yeah, that one..
That would have been my big project, to be completed before I graduate..  It would have taken quite a while because there was more to it than just interviewing,  But like I said before, it made me so angry that I quit and deleted everything..
But let me just say that from that experience, I know that I absolutely do not ever, ever want to be a pastor!  Yes, I know that I'm a girl and it's not Biblical for me to do so, but if I could?  I wouldn't..
I would teach one on one in a setting outside of a church if I'm approached, but as far as any sort of pastoral ministry?  
No way.

Well, now I know what my final project will be..  
Because I didn't want to do the interview project (which I am pretty sure is partly designed to help students decide if public ministry is what they really want to do) I will be writing a thesis..
A thesis didn't sound too bad..  At least it didn't until I found out it that it needed to be a minimum of 80 pages.. 
Not counting the bibliography..
Oh boy..

There is some good new though..  A thesis usually needs to contain original information, but Christianity is based on the Bible, and there is nothing new about the Bible.. 
I guess I could make up my own denomination by pulling different ideas from the Bible and twisting them to mean something different than what they do; but that's been done before (Jehovah's Witness, Christian Science, Catholicism, 7th Day Adventist) so I decided against it..
But I can use personal experience!
We did talk about basing my thesis on a satanist becoming a Bible-thumping, borderline, reformed Christian (I'd have to clean up the title a bit, ha!).  It would naturally have to be written in less of a 'personal memoirs' sort of way, complete with Biblical reference and stuff like that, but I said no..

So I chose a different topic..  I might even have more than 80 pages before I'm finished..  Who knows?  It could even end up a book!
OK, probably not; I just put that in there for Ami who thinks I should write a book :)

So, I have my topic, and I have written the rough draft of the introduction..
But that means that there will not be a continuation of my last blog post (family, you don't have to read any more preachy posts!) because part of what I would have blogged about will be in my thesis and writing stuff twice is just stupid..

 Clay is doing well.  He calls almost every day and we can Facetime.  That makes him being gone so much easier!  He's still happy to be busy and productive..  He said he thinks he will be home around May 8th, but that's not definite..  I was sort of expecting him to be gone longer so I won't be incredibly disappointed if he has to stay later..  Not that I want him to, but lets just say that I'm not holding my breath for May 8th..

Sky is super busy..  Her job is supposed to be part time, but she stays late and goes in on Saturdays too, so she's getting almost 40 hours a week..  They pretty much let her work as much as she wants because they have huge orders and she's not only really good at what she does, but she's fast too..  She wants to learn all the different departments so she can weld at any station, and on Saturdays she gets to work the robot (whatever that is)..  Plus she still has welding school so she starts work at 6:00 in the morning and works as long as she can before she has to leave for school..
It's a physically demanding job, she's lifting pieces of metal that weight around 65 pounds, up over her head multiple times a day so she's dragging by the time she gets home and hardly stays up past 9:00 at night..  
Saturday night is pretty much her only time to socialize, so she gets home pretty late..
She stayed at a friends last night because she was too tired to drive, and she conked out on the couch when she got home this morning.

Her alarm went off right after I snapped the picture..  She's got Skills USA training today so she's gotta go back to the college for a few hours..
I don't know how she does it..
She's a machine, like her dad..
No one can say she isn't motivated, that's for sure!

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