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Mar 22, 2015

Tried a new church today..

So, we tried West Omaha Baptist Church twice, then Southwest Church of Christ twice; this week I tried Omaha Bible Church..  I didn't have to go by myself though, my friend Tina went with me..
Ok, pros and cons..  You know what?  I'm going to do cons and pros instead.

So..  Cons:

  • The chairs weren't particularly comfortable..
  • The air conditioning made it sound like it was raining outside so I spent the first few minutes of the sermon wondering if I would be driving home in a soaking wet Jeep because the top and the doors are off.
  • The music wasn't so great.
  • The woman singing behind me made it worse.
  • The sermon wasn't very long.
  • No communion every week.
Yeah, I know that all of those cons (except the communion) are incredibly petty and superficial..  But cons are cons right?  They aren't cons that would keep me from going back, or even cons that I would honestly consider anyway, but I said I was going to list cons, and I had to think of some..  So there you go..

Now pro's

  • The sermon started off with a reading of the Word.  The music leader actually said "please stand for the reading of God's word."  Now I know that some of you are pretty used to that..  I guess it's something that happens a lot in churches, but it's not something that happened at my previous church so it was new to me, and a pleasant surprise.
  • No PowerPoint!  They didn't even use the screen behind the pastor for anything other than to display the lyrics during the singing at the beginning. 
  • All of the sermon was the Bible.  Not 2 or 3 verses picked from 2 or 3 different books of the Bible and then thrown together to back up the topical sermon (which are usually not meant to go together and are most often taken out of context. Not being a know-it-all, if your church does that, do some homework and see for yourself)..  The pastor opened his Bible, and everyone else did to..  And then he went verse by verse.  No 'let me tell you a personal story about myself' or 'let me stop here and say something to make you feel good about yourself'..  He would read a verse, talk about it, and then read another verse..  A whole sermon from the Bible.  He even cross-referenced Luke with Isaiah..  *happy sigh* 
  • Bibles for visitors.  Tina and I didn't take one because we already have several bibles, but if you're going to give a gift to visitors, I think a bible is a pretty good choice..
  • No self-help or heretical books in the books store..  Nope, no Heaven is for Real or The Circle Maker, or The Shack (again, not just my opinion, compare them against scripture, look for yourself) as entertaining and 'feel good' as they may be, they are heresy (see what the Bible says about heresy too) ..  I did see a book by Charles Spurgeon there though (score!)
  • Bible class.  Real bible class!  OK, again, this is probably something that happens at most churches on Sunday mornings before the sermon, but it's not something our previous church offered..  They did have a pre-service prayer for anyone who wanted to come, but no 'Sunday school.'  This church offers two Bible classes every Sunday morning and another one on Wednesday night..  Tina asked if the classes were in-depth classes, and the woman at the information desk said "if you enjoy theology, you will enjoy the Bible class"..  Oh my gosh!  I think I heard angels sing when she said that. :)
  • Books!  When we stopped at the information desk they gave each of us a bag with a tract, a couple CDs of previous sermons, and a book!  Yay for books!  Not a 'your best life now' book either..  It's a book by John Piper (who is brilliant by the way)..

So, obviously the pros outweigh the cons, and the pros weren't petty like the cons.
I'm going to go back next week and check out the Sunday school class..  If the theology is solid, I might hang around there until Clay gets home and see what he thinks..

I stopped at Target to pick up a notebook..  I stopped taking notes at my previous church about 2 years ago so I didn't stop to think that I might need to take notes at this one (yeah, arrogant. I know)..  Anyway..  As I was looking at notebook I turned my head and saw a bag looking at me.

It's the same color as my ESV Bible 
(that's the version they use there, I'm a NKJV girl myself, but whatever, it's not the Message Bible right?) and it was just the right size for the Bible, notebook and pen, so I bought it..

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  1. A church where they actually read scripture and don't give you a pep talk?! How frickin awesome is that?!


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