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Mar 5, 2015


Some of what I'm going to post today, I already posted on Facebook, but my mom isn't on my Facebook so I'm gonna post it here too..

Clay is doing well in Houston..  He spent all day Monday at the Angolan Embassy working on his VISA, it should be ready tomorrow..  He hung around his hotel room Tuesday and spent all day Wednesday at the NASA training center doing helicopter training.  Well, it's not exactly helicopter training, it's more like 'what to do when your helicopter crashes into the ocean' training..

It's the biggest indoor pool in the world.  Clay said it's 40 feet deep and 100 feet across..  He said it was fun, but really tiring..
Today he will be in the pool with the astronauts..  I asked him if he felt at all intimidated about that, I mean c'mon, these guys have been to outer-space!  He said "naw, they're just people.  I talked with some of  them yesterday, they're ok."
  I'm telling ya, nothing phases this guy!  Possibly meeting Chesty Puller or Norman Schwarzkopf but they're both dead.
He did say that being there is probably one of the coolest things he has ever experienced though.

Remember when I posted HERE about the Baptist church we went to a couple weeks ago?
Well I obviously misjudged them..  When we were at the church someone asked us to fill out a visitor's card with our address and email address..  A couple days later the pastor's wife emailed me and asked me to meet her for coffee..  We had decided on Wednesday, but now there is a problem with the Jeep: the alternator drained the battery and then died, we had replaced the alternator 2 years ago and it's already dead, so there is something that is ruining the alternator..  So I told her that though I would love to meet her for coffee this week, I won't be able to because I can't drive it until Clay gets home on Saturday. 
Well, she told her husband who in turn told a friend of his who goes to the church and is a mechanic, The mechanic called Clay today to ask him if he could look at the Jeep to see if he could do anything.. 
We went to this church and sat in the back row..  Everyone looked at us but no one would approach us or even look us in the face. And like I said before, the pastor's wife seemed to be very uncomfortable around us.  
But then the pastor came to our house the next day just to thank us for coming to his church. And now this. I seriously misjudged them and thought them to be uptight and judgmental. 
I will be apologizing and asking for their forgiveness when I see them again on Sunday.
 I am amazed that these people who know absolutely nothing about us and only met us for about 40 seconds have gone out of their way to be so kind to us.

Sky has had a little bit of a break this week, she has a week off of school..  She is still working at Starbucks as well as welding so she goes to welding in the morning, comes home for a few hours, then goes to Starbucks until 8:30.  She's pretty tired though..  She doesn't stay up past 9:00..  She has put in her notice at Starbucks; two jobs and school is just too much, especially when the welding job and school both require a lot of hard labor..  I think her last day as a barista will be the 7th.

I will be starting Greek next week.  I was going to try to skip it, but then realized that a big part of theology is knowing how to read and understand Greek. So starting next week I will have a full class schedule; Heremeneutics, Theology, Pneumatology, Discernment, Creation & the Gospel and Greek.   Wow..
I think I need a more comfortable desk chair!

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