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Mar 10, 2015

New Journal!

Elaine made me a journal and it's my favorite so far.. 
I have 2 empty pages to fill in the last journal she made me and I can't wait to start writing in this one..
The one I am using now is mostly brown, not boring brown, but all different shades of brown, so I have been using mostly black or brown ink (she got me brown pens too!)..  The new one is colorful so I'm going to use my colored pens to fill this one up :)

She gave me a white pen and a silver pen to write on the darker pages (yay!)

I don't know why this one came out sideways?  It's the inside cover.

Hmmm..  This one came out sideways too..  Weird..

She makes pages with pockets in them and stuffs them full of scratch paper and bookmarks..  
I love this..
These sideways pictures are starting to annoy me..  You can't see it very well but this one is all splattered with paint and there is a bookmark attached by a tiny clothespin..  I used to think that she splattered the pages for each journal she made..  Turns out, they are left over from her painting; she uses these papers to cleans her brushes and spray bottles and then puts them in the journals..
Pretty smart eh?

It looks like the picture is upside down but it's not.  The page in the journal is though..  I told her that I sometimes turn the book upside down when I'm writing..  Seriously!  
She either remembered that, or it was a mistake..  Either way, it works for me :)
This is my favorite page.  It's a quote from Isaiah.  My nephew Isaiah, not the prophet :)
In case you can't read it t says "someday I'm going to be a famous surgeon, or maybe a stormtrooper."  LOVE!
And this is posted here only because Sky put my glasses on, then stole my phone and took about 50 dorky pictures of herself.. Because she's cool like that..
She got her lip pierced the other day..  I asked her if she was done putting holes in her face now and she says "Possibly. but you know mom, I'm a welder and I gotta look the part!"
I guess I can't argue with that logic :)

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  1. Skieler!!! lOL I'm blowing that picture up life size and posting it on the wedding table when you get married. I'm so glad you like my journals. On that particular journal, I did make up a bunch of paint splattered pages because I'd run out of predone ones.


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