Consider the Lilies..: I don't want to be a plumber..   

Mar 30, 2015

I don't want to be a plumber..

Today was eventful.  And hard.  And gross..
But I learned a few lessons..
I learned how to work a plumbing snake, I learned how to use a circular saw sideways, and I learned that you should never, never, ever put broccoli in the garbage disposal..

I thought everything was fine at first..  I cleaned out the fridge and dumped the leftover broccoli salad into the garbage disposal and everything went down just fine..  
Then I went downstairs into the bathroom and saw that the broccoli salad was floating in the sink..

I started with Drano and that didn't work, so Clay Skyped and walked me through everything..  
First I took the u-bend off and tried to get the snake through the pipe but it wouldn't go more than a couple feet so I had to cut through a pipe in the laundry room and run the snake through. I couldn't get the hacksaw between the pipe and the wall and I couldn't find the reciprocating saw so I had to use the circular saw..  That was interesting..  I had to hold it sideways (like you're not supposed to do) plus hold the guard of the blade out of the way, and then cut through the pipe without cutting into the wall.. Then I got the snake down the pipe about 20 feet..
Pulling it out was disgusting!  I was up to my elbows in black goo..  
Clay thought my dry heaves were pretty funny though..

So, I got the pipe un-clogged but I still had to put the pipe back together..  Clay was really sleepy by now and was nodding off so he gave me a list of stuff to buy at Menard's, instructions and went to bed..  While I was at the hardware store Daniel sent me a text and told me he would be over to help me put the pipe back together..
I'm glad he did too!  I was able to do everything (the snake, the cutting) even putting the pipe back together, but I couldn't get the jar of pvc cement open..  I fought with it for 5 minutes and the lid didn't budge.. So yay for Daniel!
But I think I got everything fixed..

I didn't get any school work done though so I will have to do a lot of homework tomorrow :)
But I did it!  I fixed the plumbing!

I miss Clay..

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