Consider the Lilies..: Fabreeze!!   

Mar 29, 2015


Ok, so I saw on my sister's blog that she had made some homemade Febreeze using a recipe that we used when we cleaned houses..  To be perfectly honest, I don't remember making it..  Funny huh?
Anyway, I noticed that it called for a couple drops of dish detergent..  I'm wondering why I didn't think that was weird before..  Because I think it's weird now..  Wouldn't there be a leftover soap residue?  And since soap that isn't rinsed away attracts dirt, if you sprayed it on furniture, wouldn't it eventually cause your furniture to become even dirtier?

We buy a lot of Febreeze..  We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a welder..  Though I vacuum and Elaine keeps me stocked in Scentsy bars, it's still difficult to keep the house from smelling like animals; especially because the animals think they are people and sleep on the furniture..
(Sky's one day off this week.  She's spending it in bed)
Buster isn't on the bed because he's too old to jump up there and Sky doesn't have  set of doggy stairs in her room..
He doesn't smell very good either..

Febreeze is expensive..  I've tied the cheap stuff because it's less than half the price as real Febreeze for twice the amount..
Both scents (fresh linen & lavender)..  It's nasty..  It smells like old lady..  I know, that was an awful thing to say, but it does..  It doesn't last long either..  Not that you would want it too because it smells terrible, but even terrible fake Febreeze smells better than dog.  Sorta..

But a bottle of real Febreeze is around 5 bucks, and since I use it every day, it runs out quickly..
So I thought I would make some myself..  I didn't have a recipe or anything, I just made it up..  
It works!  

So, this is what I did..

I emptied the bottle of fake Febreeze and washed it out really well..  It's a 33.8 ounce spray bottle..
Then I poured in about a third of a cup of fabric softener (it smells really good),
around a teaspoon of baking soda, then filled the bottle the rest of the way with hot water, and then shook it until the baking soda dissolved..

The house smells wonderful..  Even the dog bed :)

So there you go..  Cheap Febreeze that doesn't smell like an old lady!

Later-  I just looked on Pinterest..  Apparently there are about 120 recipes just like this..  Ha!

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