Consider the Lilies..: Wednesday..   

Feb 18, 2015


We lost our Mema last week..  Clay was upset.. We were expecting it, but still..  We are rejoicing also; we know she is with Jesus, and her parents, her husband, and siblings..  She lost her husband to a heart attack 35 years ago..  It's comforting to know she is with him again.
She was beautiful, incredibly kind, sharp, witty, and pretty darn close to perfect..  If you ask Clay, he'll tell you she was perfect :)  I'd probably agree..

Clay will leave for Angola tomorrow evening..  We are all happy that he gets to go back to work but bummed that he will have to leave us to do it..  They told him to expect to be gone 6 to 8 weeks this time..  That part sucks..  4 weeks if fine, the 5th week is harder but doable; anything after that sucks..

It's pretty much been smooth sailing the last several months..  Nothing bad ever happens when he's home..  But as soon as he leaves it's open season on our house..  Murphy's law is gonna open up a can of whoop-a$$ on us this time..
The last time he left, a tree fell on our house..  I can't imagine worse than that..
So I'll be looking for a new church by myself for the next few weeks..  To be completely honest, I'd be perfectly content to just stay home with my Bible and watch sermons on YouTube until he comes home but I really can't do that..  It will be easier to blend into the background though..  Clay does stand out more than I do (it might be the mohawk)..  At least on my own I can just go in, sit in the back and observe :)

Sky had her first official work day at DC yesterday..  She came home covered in soot but smiling..

She said she welded 65 pieces in the 5 hours she was there..  I have no idea if that's good or not, but her dad looked impressed..
Oh my gosh, he is sooo proud of her!  He's practically giddy, which looks sort of funny on a guy like him..

My first week of school was good but busy..  I love what I'm learning and feel like I am accomplishing a lot, but then I look at how much is ahead of me and I feel a little overwhelmed..
At least I'll have something to pass the time while Clay is away :)


  1. Sorry about Mema...glad Clay gets to head back to work, but that does suck that it's so long. Sky rocks welder-chic. School is a good excuse for more office supplies. And I totally hung out in the back every time I tried a new church.

    1. I bout a 3-hole punch AND loose leaf paper AND colored pens!


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