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Feb 9, 2015

Taaa daaa!

We organized the kitchen cabinets last night..  Yay!
I had made a menu for the next three weeks, so we did some major grocery shopping..  When we got home to put them away, after shoving stuff around I realized that there were a few things I had bought that I already had..
The goal was to save money by making a menu and an actual grocery list instead of just winging it whenever we go the store; then we don't have anything actually planned and we end up eating out or foraging through the cabinets looking for something to throw together quickly...
We got everything on the list and spent about $300.00.  Just $100.00 a week!  

Anyway, back to the cabinets..
This is before (no wonder I couldn't find anything! 

And this is after..  
I just LOVE Mason jars!


After.. *(by the way, the beer and the wine is for cooking, we don't drink. :)*

We organized the bottom cabinets too where all the pots and pans, baking dishes, mixing bowls, and small appliances are too but I didn't take pictures..

We finished the kitchen around 11:00 and then watched Walking Dead (not happy about it by the way!) and then conked out around 12:30..
Oh, we weren't able to try out a new church yesterday because Clay's cat barfed all over the living room and we had to shampoo the carpet..  
We'll try again next Sunday..  

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