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Feb 22, 2015


Clay is on a plane home.  It was getting close to the time I start worrying because I hadn't heard from him..  I don't start worrying until I haven't hard from him in 72 hours, but he usually texts me within 48 hours to let me know he has arrived safely..  He finally sent me a text around 11:00 last night to tell me that he wasn't in Angola, but that he was back in Amsterdam..
Security in Angola has changed since ISIS began terrorizing North Africa..  We knew that Angola, as well as other countries in Africa have made it illegal for Muslims to enter, but we weren't aware that they changed other immigration laws too..

For the past 15 years that Clay has worked in the oilfield, entering other countries follow a similar pattern..  He applies for a VISA, they approve it and send him a letter of invitation (LOI).  Then he takes his LOI and his passport and gets on a plane.  When he gets to his destination, he goes through customs and shows security his passport and LOI; they stamp the passport, he goes through, gets to the yard, and someone at the yard hands him his VISA..

So he got to Angola, handed security his LOI and passport like he always does..  Security tells him to show them his VISA..  Well, obviously he didn't have his VISA because he hadn't been to the yard, so they threw him in jail.  He was in a cell for about 16 hours before they let him out and put him on a plane back to Amsterdam..

He will have to send paperwork to Houston and have his VISA sent to him here and then go back again..  Not sure how long that will take..  If they have to go through all the channels in Angola again, it could take weeks, but if they have everything they need already in the system it should only take a few days..

Life in the oilfield may be a lot of things, but predictable isn't one of them :)

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