Consider the Lilies..: Saturday.   

Feb 21, 2015


I am seriously dragging today. I got home late last night, after midnight. My Bible study ran late last night. Yeah, I live a pretty wild life huh?
Then I couldn't sleep last night, I laid in bed until 5 o'clock in the morning, got up to feed the dogs and then went back to bed and tried again to sleep. I woke up every hour and then finally just gave up and crawled out of bed at 10 o'clock. 
Clay is gone, this is the first time he's been gone since we have lived in this new house. Sky stayed over at a friends house last night so it was my first time all alone at night in the house. I'm not saying I was anxious or had the heebie-jeebies or anything, but it was different, you know?  
So today I'm feeling sort of out of it.  I'm not doing any school today, I probably couldn't concentrate anyways. Yesterday was a productive day though so Michael and I went to the gym with Elaine, came home and did the housework, and then worked on schoolwork until bible study group at 8 o'clock. 

Okay this has been an incredibly boring blog post. Sorry about that. 

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