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Feb 28, 2015


It's Saturday..  My day off from school, housework, errands, pants..  But not this Saturday..  I have so much schoolwork to do..  It's fascinating, and I am absolutely loving it, but there is so much!

Oh, speaking of fascinating..  
My favorite Vulcan died yesterday..  A total bummer..
So lets observe a moment of silence for the great, amazing, super-awesome Leonard Nimoy..

Good-by Spock :)

Back to me..
I'm working on 3 classes right now:
Biblical studies, Pneumatology, and Discernment, what it is & what it isn't. Let me tell you, I had the wrong idea about what discernment was!
 I will be adding on Hermeneutics, and Creation & the Gospel in a couple weeks too so I am really going to have to get my schedule in a more workable order..
I have everything sorted out as far as my syllabus goes, fortunately most of that list I posted in a previous entry is all combined into my bible studies class. It's one class with a bazillion lectures..  Ok, just 48 lectures, but it seems like a bazillion..
I have 58 more Discernment lectures to do,   There are only 8 lectures of Creation & the Gospel, but each lecture is 4 hours long.  Pneumatology and Hermeneutics are both 37 lectures each..

I'm totally nerding out over all of it..  I'm learning so much, and it's completely blowing my mind..  I'm amazed that it's not as difficult as I thought it would be..  Well, it's time consuming, and it's a LOT of work, but I thought I would have a hard time comprehending it all..  Earning the first degree was difficult, really difficult..  If it wasn't for Lestie who sent me the lessons on the Levitical Sacrificial System, I wouldn't have been prepared for it at all..  Even with a head start, it really kicked my know-it-all butt..  
But this time I'm not having a hard time processing it all..  This time it's sort of fun..  More than sort of fun.  It's really fun..
Clay listens in on some of the lectures so he gets to learn right along with me.  Bonus!
He's been incredibly helpful too.. 
 I have to keep a notebook for each subject, everything needs to be typed, printed, and scanned for grading. I don't fill out worksheets online and just take notes for myself like I did the first time I went through theology school.  This time I have to have everything typed out on paper and scan everything I do to the school..  Especially my notes from the lectures which are a huge part of my grade, and have to be taken in outline form..  Worksheets are easier because the teachers have already come up with the key points and I just filled in the blanks; but by taking notes in outline form it shows that I are actually doing the work and discovering the key point myself.  So outside of a list of questions that I am presented with at the end of the lecture, my assignments are mostly my notes..
It's a little intimidating because I just do the outline and hope that I didn't miss anything important.  If I did, I have to do it all over again.. So far so good!
Anyway, Clay bought me a new laptop for school..  My other one was about 9 years old and couldn't ever be unplugged or it would die.  He also got me a printer with a scanner (I've never owned a printer before) and went to Office Max and got me all the supplies I could possibly need..
I am pretty good at taking notes in outline form while listening to a lecture, but that's when I am outlining by hand..  Outlining on a computer gets me all messed up..  I am not computer savvy at all and I hate working with office programs (excel, word, whatever) so Clay took the time to teach me how to navigate my outline program and now it's a breeze 
Yay Clay!

He went out and had a couple of T-shirts made for me yesterday after he dropped me off to have coffee with friends..

They are all wrinkled because they were in a bag all day, but aren't they awesome?
I really do have the best husband ever :)

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