Consider the Lilies..: Good Morning!   

Feb 3, 2015

Good Morning!

I had forgotten how much I enjoy getting up early. I've gotten sort of lazy the last couple months, not getting up until 8 or 9. 
I couldn't sleep past 4:00 this morning so I gave up trying and got up. I was pretty productive before Clay got up at 6:00.
 I started my Bible study on Deuteronomy, read a couple chapters of Jeremiah, did the dishes and even cooked breakfast. 
It feels good to get back into a routine. Clay has been home for so long (not complaining) that the routine has sort of disappeared. He isn't much of a routine kind of guy.  But he could he going back to work any day now; it'll be easier to adjust if I get back on a schedule. 

I'm taking a break from working at the church after this week. Except for the time I spent in the hospital last Christmas and jury duty last summer, I haven't taken a break. So I'm gonna spend 2 weeks at home. Yay!
We got a new carpet cleaner so I'm going to shampoo the carpets and then just read. Sounds like the perfect vacation to me :)

I just saw on the news that 18 people have died because of the winter storm in New York and Boston. I also saw that there has been an outbreak of measles in  15 states.  Yikes!  I guess I had better make sure that our vaccinations are up to date. 

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