Consider the Lilies..: Sunday.   

Jan 18, 2015


The three day church fast is over, today is the first day of our 40 day fast. 
After 3 days I don't miss Facebook or any of the games on my phone. Not even Trivia Crack. I don't miss TV much either (however, I have DVR so its recording whatever I am missing).  
I don't wanna talk much about the fast though so, moving on..  

We had a guest speaker last night at church. David Perkins. He did sort of an introduction to the Greater Glory conference we will be having for the next 3 evenings at church. 
I don't know anything about him and I was sort of annoyed at the beginning because he seems to be off to a fluffy start, but the sermon got better by the middle and it ended well too. 
I'm still not sure about the speaker personally. Because Clay is his security guy for all but 1 day of the conference, I was able to observe him a little bit 'behind the scenes'. I don't know what to think of him, but I probably need to give him a chance. 

So I have been thinking a lot about my goals for 2015 and I have come up with a list. Of course. 
I love lists. 
Sometimes I add things I have already done to my lists so I can cross them off :)
I have a list of prayer goals too. 

This year seems different. I can't explain exactly why though. 
Things that I want to accomplish this year are so different from the things I have wanted years past, you know?
Things that I want for my life. 
For the lives of the people around me. 
Things that were so important to me before are so unimportant now. 
Things that I have never thought about in the past have become incredibly important to me now. 
It's different. I can't explain how it's different. I just know that it is. 

Doesn't make much sense does it?

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