Consider the Lilies..: Thoughts..   

Feb 14, 2014


1. I am seriously into Galatians 5 lately..  I think I'll focus on this chapter for the rest of the month..  Sometimes it's nice to really dig into a verse or chapter, just read it over and over..  It's amazing how many times you can read the same thing and still find stuff that you missed..

2. It really is true that if you make more time for God time, God will make more time for you time..  What I mean by this is simple..  If you make the effort to spend time with God EVERY DAY and if you allow God to orchestrate your day, you will find that you have more time throughout the day to accomplish what you need to accomplish..  Seriously..  Try it for a week..
I can't imagine how I would feel if God ever said to me "you know what Ren?  I have a lot to do today, I'm really too busy to listen to or talk to you right now.  Maybe we can get together for a few minutes on Sunday.  I know you love me unconditionally so I'm sure you understand".

3. No matter how many times I have tried, I simply can not get into the Book of Hebrews..  I have no idea why..  I can read the last half of Exodus, all of Leviticus, and even both Chronicles with no problem at all, but Hebrews?  Nope..  I can listen to it, but actually reading it is a different story..  It's weird..  To me it reads like stereo instructions..  Odd considering that I love the rest of the Epistles and I can absolutely relate to Paul, but the study of the book of Hebrews was the one class that I struggled through in Theology school..  I got an A, but it was hard, really hard..  To be honest, I couldn't even tell you what I learned without looking at my notes.. 
I'm really frustrated by this...

4. So far, I think that THIS SERMON is the best explanation of why we should read the Bible.  Next week I might hear a better one, but for the moment, this is it..

5. I'm an introvert and a very happy hermit..  I love being at home..  I love being by myself..  I love quiet..  I absolutely despise talking on the phone (unless it's my BF in Kentucky).  
I am perfectly content to stay in my house, away from everyone for long periods of time..  By long periods of time, I mean months (for real)..  Well maybe not completely alone, I like having my husband and my kids around..
But it's only recently that I took the time to really notice how so few people share this love of prolonged solitude..  People actually crave social situations like I crave solitude..  Isn't that strange?  OK, probably not to everyone, but it's strange to me..  
There are people who actually hate to be alone..  People who actually want to talk on the phone, every day!  People who want to have lunch with friends more than once a week, who want to entertain, host get-togethers, have people just drop by, hang out every day, talk every day, etc.  EVERY DAY!
I mean, I do just fine in social situations..  I'm not uncomfortable in a room full of strangers, I can sit at a table with people I have never met and easily have a conversation, and if you didn't know me, you would have no idea that I would rather be at home..  
Please don't get me wrong..  I don't hate people, there was a time that I did, but that was before I knew Jesus, and didn't understand the importance of friendships and truly loving people..  By people I mean everyone..  We are supposed to love everyone, even people we don't like.. 
And I do..  At least I try to..  
I love my church (which has grown to 3000 people) I love my Lifegroup; seriously, I really LOVE the people in my group, I absolutely adore my friends; but every day?  Wow..  
I honestly can't get my head around it..  Am I the weird one?  

I'm all outta thoughts..


  1. Hahahaa, NO Ren you're not weird at all! Surprisingly to people, I am the same way!! Last week when we were snowed/iced in...I was perfectly fine while everyone around me was complaining about "cabin fever"...go figure, right! Lol! Have a good one my friend! :-)

  2. Hi Ren! We are all different. I like a little of both, some quiet and then some 'friend time'. My husband sounds a lot like you. He likes to be home all the time. It just depends on your personality I think. I'm glad you are happy!

    Isn't it funny how different parts of the Bible are just so hard to understand? Some people would sing through Hebrews, and others get stuck. The best thing is that we just keep trying. And if it never really speaks to you when you read it, that's ok. Maybe it's not supposed to speak to you right now.

    Thank you for your visit today! It was nice to meet you,

  3. Hi Ren,
    I love being alone, too. I enjoy my family, but I also enjoy being still. I can think better when I have prolonged periods of silence. About spending time with the Lord, I love that time. When I take the time to sit at His feet, my day has more than enough time for daily do's. It's when I forget to place my daily cares and worries on His altar, that my day seems topsy-turvy.Yep! Many blessings to you and yours!


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