Consider the Lilies..: For real?   

Feb 4, 2014

For real?

At a 1990 crusade in the United States, 600 "decisions for Christ" were obtained. No doubt, there was much rejoicing. However, 90 days later, follow-up workers could not find even one who was continuing in the faith. That crusade created 600 "backsliders" or, to be more scriptural, false converts.

In Cleveland, Ohio, an inner-city outreach brought 400 decisions.  
The rejoicing no doubt tapered off once follow-up workers could not find a single one of the 400 who had supposedly made a decision. 

In 1991 organizers of a concert encouraged follow up and discovered, "less than 5% of those who respond to an altar call during a public crusade are living a Christian life one year later".  In other words, more than 95% prove to be false converts. 

In 1985, a four-day do you crusade obtained 217 decisions. However, according to a member of the organizing committee, 92% fell away. 

In his book Today's Evangelism, Ernest C Reisinger said of one outreach event, "It lasted eight days, and there were 68 supposedly conversions". A month later, not one of the "converts" could be found. 

A church in Boulder, Colorado, sent the team to Russia in 1991 and obtained 2500 decisions. The next year the team found only 30 continuing in their faith. 

According to Pastor Elmer Murdoch "for every one hundred people making decisions for Christ, only two may return for follow-up a few days later.  The majority of the people making decisions leave the church in 6 to 8 weeks". 

Between 1995 and 2005, Assemblies of God churches reported an amazing 5,339,144 decisions for Christ.  Their net gain in attendance was 221,790. That means that 5,117,354 decisions could not be accounted for. 

Charles E Hackett, the national director of home missions for the Assemblies of God in the United States, said "A soul at the altar does not generate much excitement in some circles because we realized approximately 95 out of every hundred will not become integrated into the church. In fact most of them will not return for a second visit". 

In Leeds, England, hey visiting American speaker acquired 400 decisions for local church. Six weeks later, only two were still committed and they eventually fell away. 

In Omaha, Nebraska, a pastor of a large church that he was involved with the crusade were 1300 decisions were made, yet not even one convert was continuing in the faith


-God has a wonderful plan for your life: the myth of the modern message. 
By Ray Comfort


  1. Those are some rather interesting and startling statistics Ren. It makes me wonder though if we have not some how ventured off from the original model.

  2. Interesting, but not surprising. Everyone wants to be a part of something.... But, Jesus is your Everything, when you start to follow Him, in your heart. You can declare it, but it takes courage, humbleness and love, to follow in your soul and begin to take steps in the path that He has planted. I think it is difficult to put yourself aside and live for Jesus. In fact, I wonder how many of of us, who strive to follow, would fit into those statistics, above? You know, we go to church, we try to live right, we read our Bible...but, where are our hearts? Are we following Him on a daily basis? I would be one of those people, as I forget to commune some mornings and my thoughts turn to myself other than to my Father. The call is personal. You may make a stance in public but the Father asks that we come into His private storeroom and partake. Daily walk...daily failure...daily praise...daily stumble...but, strive to be with Him daily, moment by moment, no matter the decision or commitment made in public. It is all about Him. I think we all fail, to some extent. But, then, there is His net of grace and love~

    1. Absolutely spot on Cynthia! I love what you said about meeting God in private. It's true, it's so easy to be committed to God publicly, but it's different when no one is watching. Thanks so much for your comment :)


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