Consider the Lilies..: Humility   

Aug 6, 2013


CHALLENGE #3   - For each of the next three entries describe one thing that has changed about you since you accepted Christ as your Savior.

It is impossible to talk about one's humility without sounding the complete opposite. I have never been the type to need validation or attention, but I was very arrogant and sure of myself.. I did not put anyone above myself..  I put my daughter before me, but not above me.. There really is a difference..  The same went for my husband..
I didn't put anyone else before, or above..  Period..

I have changed in the humble department, but talking about it wouldn't make for a very humble post right?
So instead of talking about myself which would be anything but humble I am posting this sermon by Joyce Meyer.. She covers both arrogance, and the need to be edified..
Robert Morris also has a wonderful sermon about humility but I can't find it on YouTube, only on the Gateway church app..  If you have the app though, go to 'sermons' then 'series' then 'Dream to Destiny' then 'The Power Test'.. I think it's my favorite sermon about humility..

* Someone told me that the sermon starts in the middle..  Not sure why..  If it does, just slide the bar back to the beginning..



  1. Talking about ways you've grown in humility doesn't mean u don't come across as humble. It's important to recognize areas of growth in our lives

  2. Ren, your beautiful heart shines and I love it.

  3. Hey Ren!! I so love the posts you write! Humility is something all of us "Believers" could use more of! You're so correct...when we put others above ourselves, it makes it easier to keep that ego in check! Thanks for the reminder! I'll be checking out Joyce's video when I get a minute. Thanks for linking up...have a blessed rest of your week!

    1. Thank you Michell! I owe about 95% of my blog traffic to you! :)

  4. "It is impossible to talk about one's humility without sounding the complete opposite." So true! Bells go off in my head anytime someone tells me that they're very humble. Their humility should speak for itself!

    Take care, Ren.


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