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Mar 23, 2013

What I'm thinkin'...

  • A Jewish Seder meal is really long but really interesting..
  • If you make it a point to smile throughout your day (even if you don't have a reason to) it makes your day so much better..
  • If you smile at everyone you see, more often than not, they will smile back, and you have brightened their day a little :) 
  • The hardest part about being in need is asking for help..
  • It is so much easier to give help than to receive it..
  • You can drive yourself crazy looking for the answer only to find that it was right in front of your face the whole time..
  • Sometimes someone can do the stupidest thing with the best of intentions..
  • If it's wasn't meant to be hurtful, don't let it be..
  • You can tell yourself whatever makes you happy..  You can believe whatever you want to believe..  But that won't make it true..
  • Let them think what they want to think..  It doesn't have to change who you are or how you think..
  • When comparison happens, envy is usually involved..
  • It is amazing how much God can tell you when you shut up long enough to hear Him..
  • If you expect the worst from someone, the worst is all you will see..
  • It's easier to quit smoking than it is to quit chocolate..
  • I don't really want to quit chocolate :)
  • Nothing can be an issue for you unless you let it..  That goes for people too..
  • I've decided to be issue free..  So far so good!
  • There comes a time when you just gotta let go, step back, and see what happens..

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