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Mar 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday..

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I am thankful for my pastors :)

For Les: 
Who never freaks out when he catches me in his office poking through his books and for letting me use his library, read his notes and borrow his books any time I wanted..  I could not have gotten my degree in only one (whoo hoo!) year if not for him.. 

For Jeff: 
Who is always willing to answer my endless questions, even after business hours :)

For Tracy: 
Who's patience, pursuance, and persistence (say that 5 times really fast!) finally won over..  For being my friend and letting someone else be my pastor, for being far tougher than I give him credit for and for showing me that it's really not that difficult to trust a guy..

For Dave: 
For fighting my demons, for never coddling me and always giving it to me straight, and for not even flinching when there was possibly a punch coming his way..

For Brian:
My pastor..  For being there at the right moment..  For leading me to the Father..  For convincing me of who Jesus really was..  For not running out of the building when he saw me coming, always making time for me, and never giving up on me..  For having patience with my impatience, calmly listening to my ranting and complaining that whole first year..  For looking right at me and saying "you are mean and you need to change that" and then patiently waiting while I did..  At least I hope I did?
For supporting me, praying for me, and rooting for me..  For helping me when I ask for it and for standing back when I don't..  For being proud of me when I succeed and  not saying "I told you so" when I fall on my face (even though he probably did tell me so..)

Seriously, if anyone had told me three years ago that some of the most important people in my life were going to be a bunch of pastors, I would have laughed in their face..
And now?  I don't know how I could function without them..
Funny how things work out huh?


  1. It sounds like you've been through a pretty good transformation! And it also sounds like you've had wonderful support. Congratulations to you on all that you've accomplished. I wish continued blessings to you. Thanks for linking up and for posting the link above. Happy Almost Weekend!

    1. Thanks for hosting the link up!

  2. Looks like you have some wonderful people in your Ren. Wow you completed your degree in one year!

    1. I did.. It wasn't extremely hard, but outlining the Bible by hand did get pretty tedious!

  3. What a blessing to have these instruments of God in your life!
    Thanks for linking up over at Divas With A Purpose!
    Have a fantastic week!


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