Consider the Lilies..: Like it or not..   

Mar 1, 2013

Like it or not..

"I think everybody should like everybody"
Andy Warhol

A simple statement made by a weird guy who's iconic fame can be contributed to the fact that he painted a picture of soup..

But...  It's not a bad idea, really..

There are both good and bad attributes to everyone..  What if we just focused on the good?

I mean, if it's true that no one can make us angry unless we let them and no one can upset us unless we let them, then it must also be true that no one can make us like or dislike anyone..  That's also up to us isn't it?

Someone may not like you, but they can't make you not like them..  That's your decision right?
So,what if we all lived with the attitude- "I'm going to like you whether you like it or not"..
Can't hurt can it?

 I think I'll give it a shot..


  1. It's a challenge to like those who dislike us, but it's what Jesus commands. "But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." Matthew 5:44 Love your honest writing, Ren! :)


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