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Feb 21, 2013

Writing to God..

My friend over at Beneath The Surface has started a book study.. I'm totally excited about it.. The book is called 'Writing to God' by Rachel Hackenberg..  We just started yesterday so you have time to join in..  You can get the book on Kindle through right now if you like (just click on the picture)..

~If you love to write, or if you need to spark your creativity, this book is for you.
Writing to God offers forty insightful days of prayer and personal reflection. With poems and thoughts to prompt your own prayers, Writing to God will inspire you when you feel dry, help you voice your deepest complaints and greatest joys, and surprise you with fresh perspectives on God. 

When verbal prayers feel stale, or you simply want to try something fresh, open this inviting guide and pray wherever the pen leads!

• Includes a special section of prayers and prompts for Holy Week and Easter.
• Includes some surprising prayers: Caffeine, A Lover's Psalm, Recycling: A Prayer for Salvation, Feeling a Prayer, Traveling, On "Good Friday" Kind of Days, and many more!

"Praying by writing takes a prayer out of my head and makes praying a whole-body exercise: my creativity is sparked, my spirit fully focused, my muscles employed, my sense of touch and awareness of breath heightened. I felt more connected to prayer than I had ever experienced before." –Rachel Hackenberg~

We would love for you to join us, like I said, we just started :)

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  1. Sweet post! Ren, so glad you are joining me on this journey! We are going the distance and who knows what lies ahead! Hugs, and see you Wednesday!


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